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Deciphering the Argentine Capital Markets: Insights from Guido Lanzillotta

By Tomas Di Mauro

Deciphering the Argentine Capital Markets: Insights from Guido Lanzillotta

In an eye-opening conversation with Facundo Zonati, Guido Lanzilota, the mastermind behind Azur Capital and leader of Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires Joven, unravels the complex fabric of Argentina's capital markets. Through his expert lens, Lanzilota not only highlights the historical significance of the Bolsa de Comercio, but also delves into its current influence on the economy, the educational and formative mission of the Bolsa Joven, and the growing interest of young people and SMEs in the financial sphere.

The Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires Joven: A Renewed Legacy

With a history that spans more than a century and a half, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange stands as a pillar of the Argentine business community. Guido Lanzilota, at the helm of the Bolsa Joven, introduces us to this entity that has not only made history but is also writing the future, with a focus on the representation, dissemination and financial education of the new generation.

The Capital Market: Engine of the Argentine Economy

Far from being limited to the purchase and sale of shares, the capital market is proving to be a vital instrument for the flourishing of business and the generation of employment. Lanzilota highlights the unifying role of the Bolsa, which brings together voices from all economic sectors, promoting an inclusive and enriching dialogue.

Bolsa Joven Initiatives: Bridges to Financial Inclusion

The Bolsa Joven has taken the lead with innovative programs, such as workshops in local clubs, to impart financial literacy and bring the capital market closer to the public, dismantling myths and perceived barriers.

The Rise of Interest in the Post-Pandemic Capital Markets

The pandemic has been a catalyst for interest in the capital markets, with a notable increase in the opening of client accounts, especially among younger people. Lanzilota highlights how technology and digital platforms have democratized access to financial investments.

Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs in Capital Markets

SMEs face significant challenges in the capital market, but also unprecedented opportunities. Lanzilota stresses the need for a stable macroeconomic framework and robust financial literacy for these companies to capitalize on available resources.

Conclusions: A Promising Future for Capital Markets.

Guido Lanzilota concludes with an optimistic view, recognizing the progress of the Argentine capital market and the essential role of the Bolsa Joven in building bridges between society and the financial world.

The interview with Guido Lanzilota is a window into a hopeful future for the capital market in Argentina, highlighting the commitment of the Bolsa de Comercio Joven to financial inclusion and the empowerment of new generations in the economy.


  • Exclusive interview with Guido Lanzilota, CEO of Azur Capital and president of the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires Joven.

  • Verified information on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and its historical impact.

  • Updated statistics on the evolution of trading accounts and the integration of SMEs in the capital market.

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