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Dolarize yourself and receive the notes in your Rappi style home: Opportunities in Fintech and Crypto for the Argentines.

By Carlos Diehl Madariaga

Dolarize yourself and receive the notes in your Rappi style home: Opportunities in Fintech and Crypto for the Argentines.

Companies that offer financial services through technology, also called fintech, have advantages over traditional banks, since they move faster when they have less bureaucracy.This agility that is called in the world of technology allows these companies to give products or services more in line with consumers, being able to align themselves with the needs they have, as a result of this adaptability, which offer fintech tends to be of more value to users and normally with better costs.Best products at best prices and both emphasizes President Milei.In Argentina we have Fintech that provide similar services to traditional banks, usually improve user experience, simplify processes, reduce costs and remove bureaucracy, here we have as main players the Pago Market and Uala enters several companies more.There are also less traditional ones that simplify services that were previously much more complex, such as Cocos Capital who found it a solution to the Argentines who sought to access the MEP dollar, to safeguard their savings in a free way and without cepe, they managed through a simple APP that with a couple of touches, when before had to open a comitant account in a broker, in which the processes were complex, Cocos also invest in the simple Argentine bag.On the other hand, there are less traditional companies as can be the Crypto companies that are also fintech, but use this new technology that is blockchain, allowing to offer new products more focused to users that perhaps the more traditional do not have the ability to carry out, this is the case of the Ripio company, which is the industry-leading company of cryptocurrencies in Argentina.Some of the interesting services that offers Ripio in addition to buying cryptocurrencies as an investment, can be instant dolling through a crypto doll, with simple weight transfer from any Argentine bank, then also have a debit card Visa that gives them the possibility for users to spend these dollars in any part of the world that accept card.Again in this segment of Crypto Fintech, we find more specialized companies in a timely service as may be Cocos with the traditional. This is the case of paydece, a decentralized Marketplace P2P, where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without intermediaries, i.e. only between the parties.Here users of the platform are molded to market demand by offering timely services, which give you a lot of value to the platform, the service that highlights on the platform for the Argentinean is the possibility of selling the crypto dollars for dollars tickets that are sent home to Rappi style.Thus, on the platform one can buy crypto with weight transfer or with platform balance like Paypal or Wise and then sell these crypto dolares by home tickets in CABA.These are some of the possibilities this sector offers, being one of the highest growth in the country and in the region, it is worth exploring these fintech since some of these services are of great value to the Argentines.

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carlos diehl madariaga

Carlos Diehl Madariaga

Hi, I'm an entrepreneur with several blows against the wall, but always going to try again. I'm a FullStack programmer, which is what I'm applying today. I currently work at a startup I co-founded, PayDece, which is a payment protocol in cryptocurrencies. I like to do everything on the basis of sports and also in entrepreneurship. At some point he was controlling pests with eagles like Cetrero.

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