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The price of Ignorancia, part II: The perpetuity of a legacy

By Mágali Urquiza

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In a world where the information remains and the quality is scarce, where the inventive already seems to have touched ceiling, the generations that carry on their shoulders the legacy and that must pass this flame to the new generation, are concerned with what seems imminent threat: the disappearance of the work of generations in the hands of technology.

A technology that advances the redoubled step, sedienta de cobiça, power and lacking singularity. The perpetuity of a legacy is something that is about ensuring from generation to generation. The traditions, simple, these details and these secrets that make unique at every moment, be it a recipe, a wine, a home or the story of a story. These details can turn a simple moment into something unique.

Everything has become so great, so equal and so ephemeral that it becomes difficult to imagine a world in which new generations can continue with this legacy. In turn, as mentioned earlier, investment models in Argentina are so harmful that the fruitful and hopeful horizon did no more than keeping a veil that never took off.

The Call

It is not rare to find in agricultural producers or horse breeders of formerly, desolation sketches and concern. They have become almost submissive in the face of a context that only shows them that sooner or later they will have to give in to a world lacking this so special “internal flame”. The best graphic analogy can be seen in this scene of the movie “Elements”: the transfer of the “Blue Lymma”, the flame that keeps the family’s legacy alive.

Although it is logical that the new generations can choose different paths from their previous generations, the fact that seeing technology as a threat to the traditional is a mistake. But it's a mistake because it's poorly explained. Not reported.

For this, there is no better example than the Iron Dome.

Israel is a country where historically its tradition and its legacy has been threatened by different characters throughout its history. At this point I make a parentheses to warn that, besides being a Jew, I love referring to the history of our collectivity as a Netflix series divided into different seasons, as... It is still not understood why God is as optimistic as the capacity of humans and why he has as much faith on what is indicated as the “elected people”. Certaining this parentheses, the truth is that the resilience and perseverance of the Jewish community is a badge that always stands out. The threat, the persecution, the fall and the reborn. Education, overcoming and preserving a legacy that is at all times threatened by neighbors who, despite having a common bond, insist that the best solution is the disappearance of that legacy.

Don't get me wrong, the Jews are afraid, if. But this resilient, overcoming and also always keeping the rod high in relation to education, overcoming and above all inventive, made that today thanks to the development of cutting-edge technology like the Iron Summit, the legacy can be preserved.

[caption id="attachment_ 12111" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Considered one of the best defense systems in the world, the Iron Summit proved its effectiveness under attack, defending the Israeli people from multiple bombings.[/caption]

Today, Israel covets and protects its people, their tradition and their essence thanks to the application of technology. The iron dome guards the secrets and legacies of hundreds of generations. Each threat, every context in which the Jewish community was threatened, generated absolutely the opposite of surrender: it redoubled the bet and merged the traditional with the disruptive. This is why today the Iron Summit has developed laser technology to mitigate the external threat that has also become stronger.


Returning to the local market, it is understandable that the context and the lived so far only generates disappointment and even uncertainty. However, not only that not everything is equal or everything equals. There is a world where the disruptive and special meet to be able to guarantee their perpetuity in the centuries to come.There is a world and a group of madmen willing to take a veil that never took off, because in this market it did not matter if dreams were fulfilled, if the growth and promise to see a product made with so much commitment and love was exposed before the world. So far, the local funds would only hold, deceive and count them with crumbs.Fortunately, there are black sheep as they write, willing to patent the board, go against the current and redesign everything, at whatever price.There's a better world. Technology, well applied, can protect this legacy that with so much love has been preserved.It is Just a question of trying.

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Mágali Urquiza

Mágali Urquiza studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. He worked as a biotechnology analyst for 11 years at RFT, Finguru. In addition, she was a consultant for the development of cell therapy in Chile and a Biotechnology fund advisor in Boston and Cambridge. Mágali also founded Leapcode Bio, a startup dedicated to data collection in neurological patients. Currently, he holds the post of Chief of the Biotech Unit at GB Consulting in Mendoza and, in his free moments, he contributes as a writer for Biospace, an American publisher who focuses on public companies in Bio.

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