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By Jorge Marcial Lindon

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Never, in my years of consulting, I've met a single owner of a company that doesn't want to sell more of its products and get new customers. Now, the reality is that I can mention very few cases in which we relied on a solid strategy of how to do it.The post-pandemic era, among many other things, provoked that,1- Exist a democratization in the sale of international services. Today it is completely possible power export services to any part of the planet, regardless of the place where we meet and;2- There was an increase in the supply of technology-based services, to such a point of finding a market saturation with over-offering “commodity”, where few players have an exceptional product and a marketing strategy that is up to the circumstance.Another commonly mentioned concept is that of “scalability”, where the CEO’s idyllic consists of maximizing production, automating operations, reducing costs and increasing margins abruptly, without actually relying on technological development and innovation in internal processes that ensure compliance with these expectations.So the question is: How should I do so that my company sells products anywhere on the planet consistently and competitively on the market?

1- You understand your client.

- Sun Tzu said millennia ago, “knows the enemy as much as yourself and you will not fear in a hundred battles”. What position is the decision maker of your product? What industry are you in? Is your service compatible with any company regardless of your size? The most common mistake commercial managers make is to want to sell to everyone, arguing that their service is adaptable to any company. Technically this could be possible, but the reality is that speaking liquidly of marketing, this is a strategy of wear, where the only one you will achieve is to have a commodity service, unmotivated commercials, negative ROI on your trading strategies, unpleased customers and absence of metrics to improve.Making an accurate diagnosis of which industry you have the greatest experience providing your service, what amount of employees and company size is what best suits your delivery, how your customers’ decision-making process works, and what are the real needs they seek to solve at the time of hiring, is extremely critical to put an expansion plan into your strategy.

2-Develops a marketing strategy:

It seems obvious to say, but in practice, that does not happen. The largest, and often single generation channel of new business customers are referred to. This is due to the fact that when one starts a business, the management is who promotes the same through its network of contacts and in case of providing a quality service, they are their same customers who recommend it and pushing the commercial wheel. This as a first strategy is sensational, but it does not allow to grow exponentially and less in countries where we have not yet got any customers. To be able to climb to new markets, it is menester to be able to activate different lead generation channels that allow me to expand my network qualified contacts to create a true connection that leads us to do business where both parties see themselves benefited.From BlackBeaver, you can recommend 5 “unisex” channels for your B2B or B2C strategy:-LinkedIn, by antonomasia.- Online and face events-Networking + Call to Action- Mailing and nurturing-Proactive referrals

3 You absolutely piss everything.

It is not possible to improve something that is not known. How many meetings have you had in the last 3 months? Why did channels come? Who took them and what was their performance?Knowing I've had 3 locks in the last 10 days is a number. Knowing that to get these 3 closures I had to have 30 meetings is a given, and companies that have a Data Driven culture are those that can really grow and highlight in the market. In BlackBeaver We have a Data Analytics team where we not only focus on creating a data acquisition system to improve commercial performance, but also to adopt an internal culture of data collection and interpretation that allows to make smarter decisions regarding the entire marketing process, service delivery, user experience, product development, etc.Applying these 3 concepts addressed in general, you will be 5 times above your competitors, who you create or not, out there where all efforts are focused on selling-selling, your strategy will be genuinely different and genuine and your future customers will evaluate when making the purchasing decision.Now, to be 11 times about your competitors, there are many concepts and methodologies more that we can develop together:- How do I apply Artificial Intelligence in my commercial process?- How do I think a highly outdated proposal to my competitors?- How do my marketing and sales team work in synergy?- How to increase my lead conversion ratio to closure?- How do I avoid mistakes when it comes to internationalising costs?Escribime and very pleased, with the team, we can solve any of your queries related to your international expansion strategies.

BlackBeaver as a strategic partner for his exponential growth.

Why can we lead you to sell in new countries?We understand the challenges that lead to international expansion through our multidisciplinary experience. We have a full team of consultants specialized in business growth to help your company scale new markets, which in turn work directly with the team software development, in charge of creating technological and scalable products, constantly nourishing the team Data Analytics that aims to optimize processes and obtain accurate information for decision making in your business.There is no other way that growth, and to expand your business to new international markets, we want to offer our collaboration.I invite you a coffee to talk about how we can make our companies grow and together we can conquer new markets.Write me jorgelindon@blackbeaver. co and we share a coffee! 🙂

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Jorge Marcial Lindon

Entrepreneur and founder of a Technological StartUp to Connect Supply and Demand for Home Services; Consultant to Exporting Services and International Business Developers; Trainer and Facilitator of Business and Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs and SMEs; StartUps mentor and international teams; International Relations student; sportsman with the frustrated dream of playing at NBA.


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