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Fractional investment: start the market without much money

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Fractional investment: start the market without much money

Many stock companies have stock prices above $100, and some, such as Amazon and Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company), outperform the thousand dollars. How do you suppose you should invest if you cannot allow you to buy or a single action?

The good news is that you do not have to buy a full action at the same time. A strategy called fractional investment allows you to buy parts of an action. That's how it works.

What is a fractionated portion?

As you have probably inferred, a fraction of action is a fraction of a complete action. Depending on the company you invest in or the corridor you use, you can buy a portion of an action. So if an action costs 100 dollars, and you only have 25 dollars to invest, it is possible that you can get a quarter of the action. You can still invest in the company, but don't have to wait until you have saved enough to buy a full action.

Fractioned actions are also the result of splits of actions and mergers and acquisitions. However, unless you already have shares in a company that offers a division, or that is involved in any other transaction, these methods for obtaining fractionated shares probably do not apply to you.

One of the easiest ways to buy fractional shares is through dividend reinvestment plans.

If you receive dividends in stocks, mutual funds or ETFs, some runners and companies have automatic plans that revisit these dividends to buy more shares. In many cases, you can receive 15 dollars in dividends. The reinvestment of dividends will automatically buy partial shares, depending on the current share price.

Benefits of fractional investment

When you invest using fractional actions, you benefit from flexibility and efficiency. You can start getting refunds from your money before. Depending on the broker you use and the companies you have access, even it is possible to start investing with just $5 when you use a fractional investment strategy. As we know, the sooner you start investing (and take advantage of combined income), the long-term you'll be better.

In addition, with fractional investment, there is the opportunity to invest in companies that may not pay. Many of us cannot simply buy a part of the highest price stock. Fractional investment offers the opportunity to own a small part of these companies and benefit to a small extent from their success.

Making use of dividend reinvestment plans can be an especially efficient way to build your portfolio with fractional investments. A dividend is a part of a company's profits. You receive a payment depending on the amount of actions you have. If you allow automatic reversion, acquisitions more shares with each dividend payment. And as you buy more fractional shares with your dividend, it increases the size of your next payment.

It's a self-perpetting cycle that benefits you a little at the same time.

How to Buy Fractional Actions

Although it is a modality that in Argentina is difficult for lack of financial products, it can be drawn from the use of online platforms. Many online corridors that offer automatic investment plans also allow to participate in fractional investments. If you accept investing a certain amount of money every month, the corridor will automatically buy as much as possible (depending on the price) of your choice of individual actions, ETF or mutual funds. This could mean fractional actions if the amount you invest is not enough to buy a full part.

Averigüa if the online corridor of your choice allows fractional investment. However, consider that many of these platforms will only allow you to subscribe to an automatic plan. If you make occasional transactions, it is possible that you cannot buy a fraction of an action.

You can also start with theft-advisors and fractional startups that make it easy to invest when you only have a few dollars a month.

Companies like Betterment, Motif, Stash and Stockpile offer fractional investment.

However, if you're just starting as an investor, you may have sense to start with index funds like an ETF of S & P 500. Although not the same as having Apple or Alphabet Inc actions. (Google's parent company), investing in an indexed fund that includes these actions allows you to benefit from the increase of this action. In addition, it benefits from the performance of a wider range of the market, rather than seeing your wallet live or dying according to the performance of a handful of actions.

Use fractional actions to start investing today, building a base for your wallet. As you learn more about the investment, and when you start seeing the returns, you can modify your strategy to include different types of assets, and even start buying full shares of some of the most expensive actions .

Source: The Balance

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