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Kill the chicken from the golden eggs.

By Horacio Gustavo Ammaturo

Kill the chicken from the golden eggs.

There is a fable that tells the story of a man whose chicken lay every day an egg of gold, something that gave him enough money to live dignifiedly and hollowly.It turns out that, taken by her ambition and greed, one day, with the idea of grabbing all the eggs at once, she killed her and opened her in the middle, finding to her surprise that the poor chicken was equal to any other and nothing valuable existed inside her.As in all fables, it is also culminating in a moral, “We can exhaust a source of wealth by exploiting it in an excessive way to get the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.”Generating, transporting and distributing are the three major challenges energy companies must face so that their customers can connect a lamp in our homes. Thousands of millions invest in power plants, high voltage lines and stations, substations and distribution networks. Dozens of thousands of people work to build, operate and maintain eclectic infrastructure, while many others organize administration, finance and customer attention.This whole system is funded, in principle, with what we pay as services through the so-called “lights”. Distributors charge, in addition to their own benefits, the generation of energy they distribute, their transport and the taxes the State charges.

In general, the proportions are as follows:

  • 53% for CAMMESA, which is the Company Administrator of the Electric Majorist Market Company Anonymous Society, which includes all the generators and carriers of this market.
  • 24% for the State, in all its forms, i.e. Nation, Provinces and Municipalities.
  • 23% for distributors, who are those who have the direct relationship with consumers.
There are several forms of relationship between the state, public service companies and consumers. In our country, the granting private undertakings: The State delegated the provision of public services to private companies, maintaining the property. In such cases, the operation and tariffs of these companies must be regulated by the State, since companies have captive consumers.At the time of privatizations, the Argentines pay for the electricity we consume the highest rates in the region for almost 10 years, and the lowest in the last 20 years.The tariff abuses, which led those who bought the companies by privatizing, gave origen the subsequent discretion of the regulator from the pesification and abandonment of one to one.In the middle, consumers who lost the habit of considering electrical consumption as a sparse and costly service.Only in the customs of the grandparents or of the larger parents were those cries of “going out the light” or “the son of Segba you?”. Those who are under 40 years old are used to sleeping with the air conditioning and the television held without using the automatic shutdown functions or timers that any team offers today.Obviously, It is impossible on the part of any public or private undertaking to sustain its activity by charging for what produces less than it costsThe same happens with electricity. If the generators, carriers and distributors notice for their performances lower than their weights the economic equation breaks.If this is indefectively like this, How'd they last so many years?The answer is in the components of your costs.All these activities require important initial investment to build plants, networks and administrative structures, which once developed only require to maintain its operation and maintenance, which with time, the lack of investment in expansion and replacement of components within the system ends by consuming and exhausting existing infrastructureThat is, “killing the hen of the golden eggs”.Haber subsidized the electrical supply, in principle to all consumers and recently, targeting their profile, makes some users just a small part of what they consume. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of customers have subsidies on their accounts, while the other third, after the last devaluations of our currency, was also delayed.We can agree that there are certain essential goods and services that make a solidarity society accompany those who do not have access. However, The use responsible for what they receive and the recognition of the support received must be part of this social agreement.That's why have a system that allows to identify who, what, how much, when, for what and where impute the assistance received will serve to determine the fate of this effort that society makes to sustain those who need it most.There are technologies that allow you to create Transactional ecosystems of payment to charge Specific headings For each destination, that is, if resources are distributed for energy consumption, a balance that can only be imputed to it. Similarly, if there is a job support program, one can believe a specific balance to be imputed to that programme.Accounts of specific assignment numerals, i.e., while circulating within your environment is not fungable money, only when imputed to the consumption of the enabled concepts can be exchanged for bank money.This will allow to identify many of the questions of an important part of public expenditure, giving greater transparency and traceability.In this way, one can subsidizing demand Instead of offering and identifying the characteristics of the supports and help that each receives.The prices of goods and services offered on the market must be what they are, of course, within an economy that protects competition and that, in the face of monopolistic offers, take care of the interests of both parties.Las Vegas cash accounts or solidarity portfolios They will serve as “social assistance” limiting citizens’ efforts to who needs her and to measure that matches.Tools such as this allow generating incentive programs among those who are their holders to contribute to saving and responsible use of resources, so we can learn take care of what we have and mainly keep alive the hen of the golden eggs.

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