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Swiftonomics: The impact of Taylor Swift on the US economy.

By Estefania Ana Paula Fernández

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Taylor She's the artist of the moment. The American is the most listened woman of Spotify and is the number one in the records that have to do with music. The singer recently released the re-record of Speak Now Taylor's Version, which would be her third studio album. Parallel to this is performing his live show, "The Eras Tour".

In the United States he began dealing with a concept about the impact Swift has on the country's economy. "Swiftonomics" is the word conceived by "Revista Bloomberg" to be able to explain the economy around live music through the whole turn that caused "The Eras Tour" in the United States.

The world economy was affected by pandemic, but the US was one of the strongest. Although the world is living in a nebula on the theme of world inflation, concerts and/or festivals have had a prime and important demand.

In the US more than 14 million users were registered who tried to purchase the entry of “The Eras Tour”. Without going further in Argentina more than 3 million were recorded. The fact that she trembles and proud of the singer is that in the first 48 hours more than 2.4 million tickets were sold in what was the sale in the American country.

The stranger?

It was that many fans began to report that the dealers were selling the entries to the redeemer of nearly $60,000 on secondary pages. Fortune, ensures after an investigation QuestionPro, that The Eras Tour could generate a value of $4,600 million for the US economy. Basically, if Taylor Swift was a country his GDP would be greater than 50 countries. Taylor Swift will be introduced in the country on 9.10 and 11 November.

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