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Crisis times

By oscar uncal

Crisis times

Due to the delicate economic situation in which all the Provinces of our Argentina are moving forward and the high inflationary index which in one or another deeply affects us to each of the Argentines in general, is that we want to approach the National or Provincial level the following proposal of virtual monetary exchange with support that will enable the economy to activate generating sources of work, trade exchange within, outside and between the Provinces, causing low or leveling of inflation which will quickly lead to stabilize.

The issuance of this “monetary exchange” represents an absolute transparency in the entire transaction carried out either by own economic actions carried out by citizens as common and/or extraordinary expenditures, either by operations carried out at macro level or by companies and/or government entities with an inviolable control system that guarantees the fidelity and healthy development of operating with a currency that will not be devalued in time and will enhance the development of regional economies politically leading the country stability

We believe that, at the provincial level, the Governors could rely on a very powerful tool to Dinamize the Regional Economy and we are talking about a provincial currency that could be own of each Province or a single currency that can circulate for all of them.

We do not speak of a physical note, but of a virtual currency whose advantages are:

  • No emission cost
  • No cost of transporting physical notes
  • Greater security
  • Minor personnel involved
  • Control Decentralized
  • No intermediates required
  • Ecological (no paper is used)
  • There are no counterfeits
  • Instantly circulating quantity
  • 100% Auditable and “Trazable”
  • Avoid recirculation of germs and other diseases by contact with notes
We understand that the indicated and unquestionable springs to address and allow the implementation of this “monetary exchange alternative” that would dynamic the entire economy should be the guarantees of the development coming from each Regional Economy and whose endorsement or support will allow the recate of the “Token” once won its validity.

The success of this launch has two basic pillars:

1. Ensure that the egreses do not exceed the revenues, in the economy it is called “zero deficit” and

2. Responsible of the emission system, we can say that:

The whole scheme is based on credibility and it must be supported by some good that guarantees the convertibility of one to one.

I am in a position to say that our company: Jasper Technologies Blokchain SAS has the technology as to be able to advance these goals.

And although no one works for free, everything has a cost, we can say that the proposed system will not have a sensitive cost for the Province that decides to advance with the creation of this virtual currency.

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oscar uncal

oscar uncal

I am Public Accountant and Business Advisor of various topics related to: SMEs,
Entrepreneurs and Microinvestments. As Entrepreneur I have developed several
projects actively involved in each of them, the same have been projects
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from different groups of Micro Investors (Inversores Angeles) in different projects.
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