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13 January: World Day to Combat Depression

By Agostina Píngaro

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On January 13, the world day of the struggle against depression is celebrated with the goal of awareness of this pathology.

Depression, according to WHO, is one of the main causes of disability around the world. It is estimated that the prevalence of it is 1 in 6 people, affecting more than 300 million people (WHO, 2023). The age group with the highest risk of suffering are adolescents and young adults.

What do we mean when we talk about her? First of all, it is a mental health disease. It doesn't simply mean "to be sad" or "no will". Depression is multi-determined, that is to say that in its etiology there are several complex environmental, genetic, psychological factors, among others. The same can cause serious effects on the social, labor and interpersonal life of those who suffer it.

Its main symptoms are varied and involve a depressed animo state (tristeza, irritability), loss of interests in activities that previously were placenteras, difficulties to focus, changes in appetite and sleep pattern, feelings of guilt, among others. Depression can often lead to suicidal thoughts and even to consummate.

It's important to talk about it so that you can predict it and overthrow the myths associated with it. In addition, it is essential to be able to inform about effective and validated treatments worldwide. Conductive cognitive treatments, and especially Conductual Activation, are empirically validated treatments that demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of depression. In turn, it is often necessary an interdisciplinary treatment and combined with psychopharmacology.

The stigmatization of mental health problems is still an obstacle to those who are crossing, because they hinder the recognition of them. If these things go through this situation, it is important to ask for help and know that these are not only.

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Agostina Píngaro

I am Agos, Psychologist received from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) with Cognitive - Conductive orientation. I am currently Resident of Youth Infant Psychology at the General Hospital of Children Pedro de Elizalde - Ex Casa Cuna.

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