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3 Tips to generate Abundance and Prosperity

By Javier de León

3 Tips to generate Abundance and Prosperity

Who wouldn't come to you well to have much Abundancy and Prosperity?

I'm convinced we all want this in our lives... But what do we do to do it?

In these next lines, we will leave them three simple rituals that left us as teaching Feng Shui.

Although it is very simple rituals, they need to be concentrated, but above all to believe in their effectiveness. They substantially improved the energies of their home or business by attracting Abundancy and Prosperity.

Below we leave 3 simple Tips:

Watch out for water leaks

When we talk about leaks or lost, we are not referring to pipe breaks on floors or walls only; we refer to having the faucets open unnecessarily for a long time without giving it a use or watering the plants with hoses wasting useless water.

According to Feng Shui, we recommend that, although water has to flow this should not do it without reasons, to do it moderately will attract fortune.

Let the air enter through your windows

The fact that opening the windows and letting the air in helps us eliminate bacteria and the bad odors produced by the encierro.

According to Feng Shui is an excellent way to welcome arms open to fortune, money and good energies.

But take into account two important things: the windows should never remain open after the fall of the sun and, if you open them, you should close the doors, because if not, the energy - just as it will be entering - will be going and will not remain within your home or business.

Keep order and cleaning

If there is something fundamental is to keep cleaning and order in the environments. Giving each thing your site is fundamental so that both abundance and fortune settle in your home or business.

According to Feng Shui keeping order and giving each thing its place is the way to attract fortune and to drive away the chaos of us.

Although it is three simple tips, to be able to take them forward, they will achieve a positive change in your life and you will begin to see that everything flows much better.

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