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Protection Amulets

By Javier de León

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From time to time certain objects are linked to people like Protective Amulets that move them away from dangerous or unpleasant situations or simply attracts the luck of those who possess them, many of them related to historical characters or ancient myths.
They can be of different types or processes and be more specific than others for certain situations, so we leave 6 of them to take them into account.

Distinct Protection Amulets

The Mano of Fatima

La Mano de Fátima Javier de León

The Mano of Fatima is a sacred symbol, has the form of a symmetric hand, having the ability to stop envy.

It can be used in different ways or in the lace doors to our home or workplace, being this a very effective way of protection. This talisman brings us positive energy and helps us balance it so that it collaborates with our inner balance

Eye of Horus


The origin of this amulet comes from Egyptian mythology. It represents Udyat, the eye with magical properties that was bestowed upon Horus, the son of Osiris, after losing his left eye. It is a symbol that gives cosmic stability and brings fullness.

Among its properties highlight protection, healing, magic and a.

The Eye of Horus is also a symbol attached to the sun and to the universal order, qualities that make it one of the charms for the best luck. /wp:heading

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Martillo of Thor

martillo de thor javier de leon

This protective amulet represents the hammer of Thor, the Nordic god of trueno and strength. The legend says it is a protective symbol for the gods of the Nordic countries, so it is associated with the protection of European states such as Germany and the Netherlands.

As an amulet, it is believed that Thor's hammer removes evil energies and provides protection against enemies.

Turkish Eye

ojo turco javier de leon The Turkish Eye is the most effective talisman to protect himself from all evil. Both to take care of the houses and the people, their mission to annul the negative wave since "absorben". According to some beliefs, this amulet emerged as a result of the invasion of the Nordic peoples in what is today Turkey.

Four Leafs Trébol

trebol javier de leon

Being a very uncommon species makes four-leaf sticks as extraordinary as powerful. Since ancient times, they have been connected with magical properties, capable of attracting good energies and turning away the evils from us.

Finding this advances us a series of good luck, a period in which everything we start will work well, the loops will flow and the projects will be concrete quickly and easily.

Turkmaline Black

turmalina negra javier de leon

It is a mineral whose meaning is associated with strength and protection. It has the ability to absorb negative energies and turn them into positive. This stone is usually taken in the form of suspension. To protect yourself from the bad energies of people around you.

The use of one to several of these Protection Amulets can be very useful and beneficial and as we have already mentioned you will serve to move away from these unpleasant or complex situations which are presented daily.

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