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By martin colacilli

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Pandemic taught us that to exercise it is not necessary to have a complete collection of weights, we can train with any element we have at hand. Both bands and mancuernas allow us to perform exercises free of charge. Throughout the range of movement, different plans and adapt to each person. In addition, we can perform monoarticular and polyarticular exercises.

The elastic bands, something that had probably not previously considered and are now considered essential in any training routine, both beginners and fitness specialists. Because it's very economic. The elastic bands used to train occupy little space, are lightweight and portable. (1)

In the market there are different types of bands:

  • Elastic bands with manillar
  • Theraband
  • Superbans
  • Straps Anchas
In the case of weighing: we will increase the load, as we use higher weight weighing. In the case of bands: we will increase the load as we choose bands of greater thickness or as we will combine more bands at the same time.

The resistance of the bands varies according to color: usually, the lighter colors correspond to a lower resistance, unlike the dark colors, which correspond to a greater resistance. Bands increase their tension as they stretch. (2)

If we perform the same movement with elastic bands and with mannequins, different muscles are activated.

In order to verify the following statement. We need to carry out the exercise and measure it with an electromography.

Endurance elastic bands induce a slightly smaller muscle activity than mancuernes. However, elastic bands substantially increase the level of muscle activation in the auxiliary muscles, possibly because elastic bands are a more unstable resistance mode. This instability makes muscles active accessory to those who perform the main movement.

In general, the results show that resistance elastic bands can be considered a viable alternative to rehabilitation of an injury, to generate a different stimulus to get out of the comfort zone of daily planning or to use along with the weighs.


(1) Muscle Activity in Upper-Body Single-Joint Resistance Exercises with Elastic Resistance Bands vs. Free Weights (Bergquist, Iversen and Mork. J Hum Kinet. 2018 23;61:5-13)

(2) Muscle activation comparisons between elastic and isoinertial resistance: Metaanalysis (Aboodarda, Page and Behm. Clin Biomech. 2016 Nov;39:52-61.

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martin colacilli

martin colacilli

I'm Martin Colacilli. National Professor of Physical Education. Work as Rugby and Hockey Sports Equipment Physical Preparer since 2000. I am also coordinator of Ocampo Club de Entrenamiento and CEO of Academia2dragones. Work at the Sports Institute by the evaluation workshop and the physical activity and health laboratory. Conducting scientific research presented at international congresses. Co-author of a book of sports physiology. Besides, I'm Personal Trainer.

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