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Christmas letter: A self-knowledge tool

By Mili Capalbo

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Hello everyone! On this side, write to them Miel, graphic designer, photographer and recently astrologer. A few years ago, I made the Christmas letter and it was like a perfect stranger had deciphered me from my feet to my head without even giving him a clue of what I liked to do. As a great geminian I am (with five planets in Geminis) I learned about this world of energies that went to my self-knowledge tool. I took it as a personal discovery path that today I want to share so whoever is on the other side can also connect with its true essence.

You probably heard about the “Christmas card” or “astral card”. What is it? A map of the sky from the moment we were born, which shows us how the planets were arranged at that time and place.

This drawing brings us closer to the energetic qualities of a person and describes his essence. It will allow us to discover in depth aspects of our personality, our lights and our shadows, our talents and ways of acting in the world. As one grows, they will unfold different qualities of one and mature the different psychological functions. The Christmas letter, by ende, works as a self-knowledge tool that will put us on the table what we can vibrate. What we are aware of and what not from our interior, to achieve a balance of the four elements (Fogo, Earth, Air and Water) that give their qualities to the zodiacal Signs.

I leave a photo of Madonna's Christmas Letter to see what the graph is and what they'll find when they make one. The outside symbols are the 12 Signs: Aries, Tauro, Geminis, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarium, Piscis. The symbols inside the circle are the Planets, and the numbers will be the Houses. The lines that are drawn between the Planets will show the aspects between them. They can do and see their grace at www. Christmas card. es or groupvenus. with. You will need your birth date, birth place and exact time (example 19:05).

Seeing this zodiac wheel we will see the position of the Planets on the day we were born. Let's see the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus and several more positioned in the 12 signals. Yes! Each of us has something of every sign, we are not just the one we read in our horoscope.

These will play an important role, because together they will determine our personality.

There is much to put on the table, but today we will focus on the first ones we look at when we open the Christmas letter: the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

How to read a Christmas Letter?

Our solar signal will show our personal brightness, our energy, where we feel comfortable, identity and ego. This place where we recharge energies and feel vital. It is a great indicator of our essence. The sign in which it falls will give the quality in which one will build the ego and the way in which one will radiate its light. We'll find the sun in a house. This house will indicate the scope of life in which one shines and where he will express himself with all his potential.

La Luna represents our emotions. Reflect our feelings, as we manage on our emotional side. Are we very sensitive? Do you express yourself through gestures or words? It's our emotional base. The signal and the house where it falls will tell us where we feel safe, and there will be a tendency to go back to that place when we need a shelter. It's about our past and our childhood. It is the energy that will be seen manifested mainly when we are children. And it will also determine the relationship we have with our mother. Lunar behavior is very important, because it will form the foundation in which we will be able to implant our talents.

Then we have: The Ascendant. It is what structure the whole mandala, the beginning of House 1 in our zodiacal drawing. This is going to be an energy we're going to incorporate throughout life. Perhaps we see him a little away from our consciousness, and so it indicates the learning we have come to realize. If we don't have this energy in the day to day, life will lead us to certain situations so that we can live with it. It is a bit the energy that will perceive others, the one that hides our true essence.

Besides these three basic points, we will meet with other Planets. On the one hand, we have personal planets, like Mercury, that governs mind and communication. And that will show the way we think and what we talk about, how we develop rationally.

Venus: the planet of love, will mark what attracts us, what kind of energy is attractive to us and what we value. Here we will see what you want from the other, and with whom you will best cognate in your bonds.

Mar: the great warrior, will indicate our ability to act, the initiative, the way we will act and face the various things.

Jupiter: the largest planet in the solar system. The great beneficial, will expand the qualities of the sign in which it is, and will bring optimism, fortune and enthusiasm.

Saturn comes to show us what we have to mature and evolve. Indicates the tendency to develop self-discipline. It takes 28 years to turn around, hence the feared “return of Saturn”, the moment of crisis necessary to mature and to order.

On the other hand, we will meet with the transpersonal planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Farther away, it takes more years to turn their orbit, which is why they usually mark and define the different generations. In this case, we will have to pay more attention to the house where these planets fall and their aspects with others in our letter. But, separate chapter, let's go a little.

Like I said recently, Houses They'll be another point we'll look at in the Christmas card where the planets will be situated. Like the Sinais, there are 12 houses, which will represent different areas of life where the energies will manifest. It'll be the areas of life experience.

Las Vegas Fire Houses (1, 5 and 9) They will be related to the staff, with the identity, with “the self”, the ego, so also our philosophy of life.

Las Vegas Houses of Earth (2, 6 and 10) with resources, with concretion, with the senses and the insurance. It is the houses that come to bring order, note and discipline.

Las Vegas Air houses (3, 7 and 11) They will talk about our relationships, social, relationships with others (brothers, partners, friends, partners). They also have to do with learning, with our rational side and the way we communicate.

And the Water houses (4, 8 and 12) will touch the emotional, the psychic, our inner world. Everything that has to do with home, introspection, and our unconscious. In another note, we'll ask more about each of them.

How can you see long to analyze in a Christmas letter: planets, signs, houses, aspects, many points that make each one have a different personality, if it would not be a bit boring, would we all be equal? That is why I invite them to ask this world a little, to discover with what energy they vibrate more, what are their strengths and their weaknesses, to go building their true identity. I think it's a great tool to get to know one and that can be a kicker so they can put their talents.

I hope you've enjoyed it, you start asking a little more, and you come back here to read, there's a lot to talk about.

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mili capalbo

Mili Capalbo

Hello! I am Miel (so they tell me), partner and founder of a creative study. Of a very curious personality, a few years ago I discovered the world of astrology and today I seek to bring it closer and make it known to others. I think it's a self-knowledge tool, which we can all learn from. We are approaching the possibility of discovering our lights and shadows, with many fields to explore, collectively and personally.

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