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How to calm Estrés?

By javier de leon

How to calm Estrés?

What is stress?

Stress is a reaction of the body in the face of a very difficult situation, our brain gives the order to release large amount of hormones, causing this to increase our heart rate, alter our blood pressure, as well as increase or decrease our lung capacity and strain our muscles, this our body does naturally and puts us on alert before any complex situation, passed the same our body back to normality.

Are you good and bad stress?

If really as we were explaining, stress is a natural response from our body to face complex challenges and situations. Everything starts in our brain. Good stress makes us react quickly and act in front of a situation. In addition, a certain degree of stress helps us achieve our goals and perform better in the studies or in the face of a work interview for example.On the other hand, prolonged, intense and chronic stress can do us a lot of harm, as if our body is always on alert, damage can occur at physical, emotional and psychic level.Chronic stress can cause someone to abuse substances or have unhealthy habits, including getting depressed, suffering extreme exhaustion and having suicidal thoughts.Although stress does not affect everyone, it can provoke or aggravate a variety of diseases.

How to control stress?

Below we will leave some tips that to put into practice will help you get a control over stress and its negative effects.» Don’t worry about tomorrow”Stress causes anxiety, but it is not good to add problems that may occur tomorrow to those who already have today, because if you care a lot about the things that you can't control, you will feel more stranded yet. Usually things don't go as bad as we can imagine."Have reasonable expectations"Don't demand too much or demand too much from others. It is humble, keep your expectations within reasonable, know your limits and those around you, so you will feel better, and everything will work better."Identify what makes you sound"Identify what our focus is and what our reaction is can do us very well, analyze how we feel, what our thoughts and our conduct are. When we are aware of how we react to stress, we will have the possibility to control it. If you can't remove the factors that stress causes you, you can reduce your effects."Leave an orderly life"Spurred by keeping an order in your life, because leaving things for later causes disorder and stress, causing pending tasks to accumulate. You can perform an organigram of tasks that you can fulfill and identify trends that lead you to get out of it."Balanced life"If you strive in a measure to achieve something that energies will stay to enjoy you?See work and money in a balanced way, more money does not mean more happiness or less stress, in fact it can mean the opposite.You seek time to relax, do things you will like to help you release stress. It always involves that these activities lead you to have contact with the nature and air of electronic devices.“Make time for you and take care of your health”Have healthy habits, exercise puts you in good mood and will help to better cope with stress. Consume healthy and nutritious foods, avoids skipping meals. Look for enough rest.Do not seek refuge in tobacco, drugs or alcohol, because in the long run they damage both your health and your economy.If you see that you cannot control the stress seeks professional help, seeking help does not mean losing the battle, but the beginning of a new stage of it."Keep priorities"You should carefully analyze your priorities, write down your tasks in order of importance, having thus viewed, which may delay, delegate or remove from being necessary.It takes a control of the tasks and the time that dedicates them to each one, when you have it seeks the way to enjoy time in a more productive way, it will give you control and relieve your feeling of stress. Program time exclusively for rest."Busca help"Seek a friend and reassess how you are feeling, having someone confident will help you see the situation from another point of view or even find the situation. The fact of drowning will help you to feel better." Look inside"To be totally happy it is not enough to have money and a house, but we also have spiritual needs, to be completely happy we must meet these needs.Through meditation we can obtain this complement and this connection with our interior and the universe that will help us to see the insignificant size of our problems or concerns, by achieving through practice the definitive balance that will help us to see the life of another perspective.

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