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How to save a wine correctly?

By Leandro Germain

How to save a wine correctly?

The three most important components of the wine so that we can keep for many years are: acidity, tannins and their alcohol.

The position to keep a bottle of wine is back with the liquid in contact with the corcho, as this keeps the inside moisture of the curch. It is also necessary that there is a controlled moisture in the cava so that the bug does not dry.

It should be noted that a good outdoor moisture that allows a correct micro-oxygenation of wine.

What's the guard temperature?

We have to consider that all wines are stored at the same temperature, no matter what it is.The ideal temperature is between 14 and 16 degrees, and there does not have to be temperature variations. In the case of white wines, it is preferable to keep them between 12 and 16 degrees.

All wines with a natural currant should be in a styling position (coached with a small slope). Instead, the wines with a screw cap should be stopped, and the splendid styling position.

The relative humidity between 65 and 75% is ideal if it has an excavain. And if the cava is underground it is done alone. If not, they also use air conditioning, humidifiers, rociar with water, wet sand, if the cava is too large.

It is very important the total absence of vibrations, the good circulation of air and also the absence of direct light.

What is considered to be bad guard conditions?

  • El Salvador excess vibration causes wine fatigue.
  • Las Vegas high temperatures can provoke: early maturation, color change.
  • Las Vegas low temperatures They often cause: tartaric deposits, paralysis of evolution.
  • La lack of ventilation generates presence of bad smells.

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