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The Power of the GOALS: The Universe of Your Logs

By Jorge Escobar

The Power of the GOALS: The Universe of Your Logs

In the Vorage of the current world, the word "GOALS" resonates frequently, but its true meaning can be lost in daily noise. However, research reveals a deep link between establishing goals and achieving success, highlighting the importance of defining goals that not only target our actions, but also awaken new behaviors, guiding us to what really matters in our lives.

The GOALS, in essence, represent a look at the future. We could say they're dreams with deadlines. Imagine being Messi, visualizing each goal before patenting the ball, or Usain Bolt, defending himself to overcome his own marks in each competition. Before tattooing them on the skin, it is essential to understand that a GOAL goes beyond being simply an objective; it is a huge and sacred commitment to one, that is, with yourself, a promise to give your best effort constantly to achieve what you really want.

This connection between establishing goals and personal dedication is reinforced when we reflect on the celebration of every little success achieved. Every step, however small, brings us a little closer to the realization of our GOALS. It is crucial to remember that we advance at our own pace, without comparing ourselves with any other watch that fits us. Each progress deserves applause and recognition. Even in the vast universe of the GOALS, where we find fast-paced stars and constellations that require our dedication to 100%, each achievement, every part of us, of our system.

Defining GOALS thus becomes, in something extremely exciting, a search to achieve and the manifestation of something we want to achieve. It is not just an act of planning, but a trip that provides direction and purpose. This understanding drives us to take courageous measures in our personal and professional lives, transforming each step into something higher. The simple fact that we have written already gives us satisfaction, being a statement and commitment, a statement to the universe that we are ready for.

In conclusion, establishing Goals becomes a religious act, a powerful tool to give us forms and establish a guide to our actions, a constant reminder that we are on a path, on our way. Let each Goal be a step closer to being better, thus consolidating the purpose and connection between our dreams and actions.

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Jorge Escobar

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