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Yoga as a possibility of care

By Juan Cruz Güimil

Yoga as a possibility of care

Pandemic and its impact on society

The global impact of pandemic originated by the IOC-19 has been of unmistakable dimensions for all humanity. There is no corner of the world that has not been deeply affected by the appearance of the virus. Its rapid proliferation and contagion ability fired the number of dead, and placed near the collapse of health systems.

Humanity as a whole has been rebounded, has lived in a global way the encierro, the impossibility of sharing in society the common spaces, forced isolations have brought increases in mental suffering, additions, problems with food, etc.

This critical situation invites us to put into perspective aspects that are of extreme relevance and which may not be so much. How such a situation invites us to question reality, to raise new horizons of meaning that aim to generate new modalities of thought, to bind us, to understand our health and care, both individual and collective, paying special attention to the issues truly relevant to community life, is what is proposed from these lines.

Ultimately, the COVID serves as a great opportunity to reformulate our health, the health of a community, and the health of the planet earth as intelligence that contains us as humanity.

It is in broad agreement in the West that health is a state that is defined by its antagonistic concept: it has health who is not sick, that is, it is recognized as a healthy person who does not show any symptom that realizes that it is going through some imbalance, mainly physical. From the point of view of modern medicine, the disease is defined as a condition of the body, in which there is an incorrect or abnormal function of one or more parts of the body. Health, otherwise, is a condition of the body characterized by vigor and vitality, by ende, a disease-free organism.

We must recognize the impressive technological advances of Western medicine, both in the detection of diseases, treatments and medical instrumentals, and in the ability to respond to diseases with much greater speed and effectiveness; however, the US has a health system on the verge of collapse because it is one of the societies with the highest level of diseases acquired due to the way of life, food, etc.

It is imperative bring the idea that health is something active, that is something in which diseases intervene, but more importantly reflect on the physical, mental and spiritual sufferings of humanity in its passage through the planet: social isolation and distancing, encierro, anguish, thirsting, anxiety and uncertainty for the future, poor feeding and increased consumption of psychoactive substances without the information necessary to reduce risks, these place on the table the need to address health from a broader plan.

We believe that the current world situation opens us the possibility of rethinking the concept of health and how we do to keep us healthy. Modern, capitalist and globalized societies, collapsed from sensory stimuli in the face of the multiplicity and proliferation of social networks, exposed to industrial foods, pollution, disstress (negatively administered stress) and sedentaryism, make us see each time with less responsiveness. The causalities mentioned in the previous paragraph, systematically impact against the normal development of all the stands that make up a person: the physical, the emotional, the psychic and the energetic.

No one is totally healthy, or totally ill, the issue is a little more complex and, in this sense, thinking through this dichotomy limits us in the approach, especially when we should plan and execute health policies from the state or public sphere: “in order to produce health it is essential to combine “sanitary” actions with others, as well as the relationship between various technical and technical knowledge – both conceive of health problems since their complexity”.

A disease, pathology, imbalance or suffering in general is not automatically given (except traumatic events) but has a development, a process, and a dynamic of its own, which is built through a multitude of factors that are above (and below) of the medical office. By broadening the concept of health, and getting out of binary, we want to make special emphasis on that, as the disease gradually manifests itself, keeping us healthy is also a gradual, conscious, permanent development.

The conceptual system of western health puts the responsibility of the patient’s health out of it, the person “if sick” as a fact of time and concrete, arrives at the doctor, this evaluates, prescribes and “heals”; there is a experience of permanent externality, of salvation and of delivery of absolute responsibility of its own. The patient is outsourced from his own care process, health appears outside the subject, presents itself as something exogenous, misunderstanding of it. The system, logic and dynamics make the patient see health as something other than himself, disconnecting from his own responsibility both in healing, and consequently in becoming ill.

Yoga as Health Practice

A society that practices yoga is a healthier community. Faced with evidence that is uncountable, it is our intention to propose to incorporate the practice of yoga as a public policy.

In the East, the word health, in its broader conception, is understood as a synonym for realization, while as we have previously mentioned, in the West there is a very widespread perception of health as absence of disease and medicine as the science responsible for combating it. This brings us two cultural problems, the first has to do with the inability to recognize the imbalance in health long before it materializes in the body, when it is still in the mind plane, the emotions or the energy plan, where it is simpler to rebalance (in addition to avoiding us the whole process of deepening that brings out), and the second is to change all the responsibility of healing, doctors and the health system.

In a symbolic and broad sense, YOGA can be interpreted as Consciousness. The word Yoga refers to a huge body of precepts, methods, techniques, modalities, specialties, schools and systems of spiritual psychophysical character that grew in India during millennia, and that can be considered as the substrate even of the life of the human being. Therefore, if Western medicine has managed to add years to life, with Yoga we can also add life to the years.

The current system of consumption leads us directly to permanent disease, we note that Indian medicine (AYUR -life- VEDA - science -) in its translation means Life Science, while in the West medicine is the science of the disease. We understand that incorporating the practice of Yoga can help us develop a new understanding of the components of being and consequently educate us in health as an eminent therapeutic tool.

Yoga as a holistic practice allows us to be able to acquire greater levels of consciousness, increasing the discernment, speed and breadth of our experiences in the plane of everyday life, allowing us to make decisions that involve developing aspects of our life that are healthy. Ergo, we become conscious and responsible for our own care.

A practice of Yoga well directed by teachers and teachers with full knowledge and training can generate positive impacts on those who join to practice, making them understand that there is a development and an internal potency in each unites of nosotres who are waiting to be awakened. That health is something active, daily, and that addresses all the plans of being.

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Juan Cruz Güimil

Hi, I'm Juan Cruz, I'm 37 years old. I always liked studying, learning, broadening my vision of reality, knowing different perspectives, philosophies and ways of understanding the world in which we live.
That is why I studied, practiced and developed disciplines such as Political Science, Astrology, Yoga, Reiki, Tarot, Akassic Records, Music, the possibilities of understanding different ways of living in this world have to do with the possibility of making us sensitive to different realities. The beginning of knowing all these disciplines points precisely to that horizon. Making me sensitive, to an increasingly insensitive world, is the only way to change it.


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