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By Martin Colacilli


The type of physical training that performs entrepreneurs can vary greatly depending on their interests, time availability, physical level and personal goals. Some entrepreneurs prefer intense and high training requirement Fisica, while others prefer softer exercises and focused on relaxation and mental balance.

Some opt for strength and conditioning training, such as weighing, circuit training or crossfit, to increase your strength, strength and flexibility. Others can focus on cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming or cycling, to improve their resistance and pulmonary capacity.

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs also incorporate activities like yoga, the Pilates or meditation on your training routine, as these exercises can help reduce stress, improve concentration and mental clarity, and increase flexibility and balance.

In general, the physical training of entrepreneurs depends largely on their personal preferences and their lifestyle, and can be very varied depending on the individual needs of each person.

Before an important work meeting, it is important that you focus on a training that helps you reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve mental clarity and concentration. Here are some training options that can help you:

1. Yoga or meditation: They are excellent options to reduce stress and anxiety while helping you improve concentration and mental clarity. You can search for an online type or practice at home using training videos.

2. Cardiovascular exercise: Doing aerobic exercises like running, walking fast or cycling, rowing, remoergometro, swimming or jumping the soga, can be a good option to help you free tension and reduce anxiety.
3. Strength training: If you feel stranded and need to release some tension, you can opt for a force training as it helps you channel your energy productively. In addition, exercise of strength can increase your self-confidence and improve your posture.
4. Deep breath: Before the meeting, take a few minutes to focus on deep breathing. You can practice intruding deeply, keep breathing for a few seconds and then slowly exhale. This can help you reduce stress and clarify the mind.

Remember that the type of training you choose before an important meeting will depend on your personal preferences and what makes you feel better. The important thing is that you focus on doing something that helps you reduce stress and improve concentration so you can face the meeting with confidence and mental clarity. It is very important to have the fit Doctor and hold each session with a suitable coach.

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Martin Colacilli

I'm Martin Colacilli. National Professor of Physical Education. Work as Rugby and Hockey Sports Equipment Physical Preparer since 2000. I am also coordinator of Ocampo Club de Entrenamiento and CEO of Academia2dragones. Work at the Sports Institute by the evaluation workshop and the physical activity and health laboratory. Conducting scientific research presented at international congresses. Co-author of a book of sports physiology. Besides, I'm Personal Trainer.

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