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Happiness: Where do we go?

By Isidora Mosella

Happiness: Where do we go?

FELICITY. We all look for her. There are no recipes, no paths undoubtedly correct. We are only sure that our decisions are guided by this incessant search for feeling well.

Our friends, work, hobbies and experiences are an opportunity to meet with us. However, sometimes it can be difficult to feel this peace and tranquility that we so crave. As if there was no place in the world that would welcome us as we wish.

Even in a few moments we came to ask: is there this place for me? Or simply, we have to accept things as they are. I have good news! That you are looking for, yes there is!

I can confess, and I can't be ashamed to say, that I spent years with no sense of what I did or the situations I lived in my life. Everything changed when I learned to value myself.

A few months ago I had a conversation with a woman who quoted Oscar Wilde: "The beginning of eternal love is to love oneself." For me, it is the most important decision when we aspire to find this little instant of meaning, to which we call happiness. The origin of everything is to learn to value us.

In order to be able to connect with that value, I only have one advice: we will be silent for a few seconds and we breathe. Yes, that's what you heard! You should only take a while and be aware of you, that you breathe, that you are alive.

Like the poem "Shut up" by Pablo Neruda:

For once on earth

Let us not speak in any language,

For a second we detenge

We don't move so much.

And you can do it?

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isidora mosella

Isidora Mosella

Hi, my name is Isidora. In October of 2022 I was entitled. I finished the Diploma in Innovation and Leadership in the 21st Century and participated in the Explorer program for entrepreneurs of SantanderX. Currently, I work as a journalist in charge of Her Global Impact Magazine.


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