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Love after love: a story that deserved to be told

By Lara Morena Licciardi

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The new Netflix proposal based on the life of Fito Paez leads us to travel to the years of the dictatorship, the rock considered a subversive element, the vinyls, the wide trousers, the long hair and, above all, the passion for music. This incredible fiction produced by Mandarina Contents, has the permission of the musician and is based on his biography. A project so well prepared that it has a first-level content, which was expected by all and all the viewers of the platform and especially by fans of Fito and national rock.

The story behind Fito Páez: In search of answers and fulfilling your musical dream

At the beginning of the series we can meet the musician's family, and we begin to enter the family dynamic. A child with many ghosts, in search of answers about the death of his mother, trying to understand what was the reason for his departure. On the other hand, we have Teen Fito, who knows that his passion is music and despite the political context decides to play rock with his friends, later begins to do it professionally by fading to play the keyboard along with Charly García, who chooses it after observing his presentations.From the minute one surprises the characterization of the characters, who do justice with their interpretations. The great resemblance that has been achieved is especially shocking, accompanied by a unique charism that they present; Ivan Hochman, who plays Fito, assures that he had never mentioned the like of the rose singer. Fabiana Cantilo, performed by Micaela Riera, was very fond of her performance in the series, as she formed a couple with Fito for many years, but also clarified: " It is not mentioned that I had a band, a life, that was a singer...” and also alludes to that the facts and times are mixed. Fito in turn was a great participant of this fiction, also oversaw and took time to meet the actors who would lead to the screen his life. It finds a lot to taste with the result, and highlights the important thing it was for him as the final project would look, so also the emotional mobilization that produced him the representation of Charly and Spinetta as secondary characters in the series, which we all remember with a lot of emotion.

The hidden story of Fito Páez: the series that reveals its darkest moments

They also chose to represent moments not so mild to the singer's life, as for example the murder of his aunts, who were the only family left to him at a short age, the death of his mother and the abuse he suffered by his nanny. The abuse by the babysitter is not so explicit in the series, making it go unnoticed and leaving it the free interpretation of the viewer. Fito assures that these experiences have not caused him any erotic problem throughout his life, and defines him as “an erotic awakening”.On the other hand, the murder of his aunts was one of the most traumatic experiences in the interpreter's life and is plasmaized in the series. In 1986, while in Rio de Janeiro promoting his album Grass, The singer received the news that he had murdered his grandmother, his aunt and the maid who lived with them in his house of Rosario and was pregnant. At first, it was a supposed robbery, but the women were killed in cold blood by the Di Giusti brothers who had been schoolmates of Fito.

What is love after love?

That's what we find out after the person who loved us most is no longer in our life. Said for the same Fito, besides talking about meeting Cecilia Roth, with whom he had two children and of whom he fell in love after his fleeting love with Fabiana Cantilo, with whom he had highs and lows. It is the feeling of having known the first love and that it will not repeat itself again, because the first times mark us forever. He also clarified that this is his family life, which he felt when his aunt and his grandmother cooked him and were always for him. It speaks of a luminous period after a time of shadows, in this case, the end of a very intense loving relationship and the time stripped of a terrible family tragedy. “...Love, after love maybe / looks like this ray of sunshine / and now that I looked and now that I found / the perfume that leads to pain... ”Lastly, I do not want to fail to recommend this series, which can become a national emblem and a large object of representation. The rock monsters are Argentine.It is worth highlighting again that the actions lead us to emotion, and to the youngest, introduce us into a world that we may not imagine so much. Although we are from another time, we are all a little Fito Páez.

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