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By Martin Colacilli



The term "grounding" refers to a practice that seeks to connect a person with the earth or the physical environment to achieve a sense of stability, calmness, connection with the present and the environment. It is also known as "rooting" or "by feet on earth".

We are BioElectric beings, but we live isolated. Lifestyle changes have disconnected most humans from this primary health and healing resource, creating what may be a deficiency of unrecognized electrons in the body, a cause passed by high or a contributor to chronic inflammation and common chronic and degenerative diseases. High blood pressure, altered HRV and hyperviscosity are potentially destructive cardiovascular situations that can improve with earth connection. (1)

The brain produces electrical stimuli, the heart. The heart also generates its own electricity to contract the ventricles and thus carry out the ejection of the blood. The muscles contract when they receive the electrical discharge that gives you the nerves when we want to make a voluntary movement. That is, our body reacts to electricity.

There is another type of electricity that is called static Electricity and is generated by rosing. We can feel when we travel in a car (before the cars had a ruthere bump to send the earth the static energy that is generated by walking) or when we go out to walk or run with synthetic clothes and greet someone with a kiss and give it a discharge. Or just grabbing the door spat we can feel the discharge. These are accumulated electrical currents that we should lower. Since we are usually not connected to land directly.

Earth and living beings are conductive objects that when they make contact harmonise the electrical currents. Absorber the free electrons of the earth atreves of the feet. It's like a dirt bag. Root. This is equivalent to increasing the body's potential to eliminate free radicals. (2)


When we call the land. Starts flowing an electric current. Accumulating and not releasing the electrical energy of the body causes inflammation. When the connection to the earth is restored, electrons flood the entire body, which reduces inflammation and oxidative stress while reinforcing the defense mechanisms of the body itself. Electron transfers are the basis of virtually all antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. It is believed that the source of these effects are omnipresent mobile electrons on the surface of the earth, which are responsible for the negative charge of the planet. (1)

Immune system: Putting the earth an organism produces measurable differences in the concentrations of white blood cells, cytosins and other molecules involved in the inflammatory response. (6)

Grounding reduces pain and changes the amount of circulating neutrophils and lymphocytes, and also affects various circulating chemical factors related to inflammation. (6)

In the context of mental health and psychotherapy, grounding is used as a technique to help people cope with anxiety, stress or trauma. It consists in focusing attention on concrete and present physical sensations, such as breathing, senses or body perception, to counter overwhelming thoughts or emotions.

Grounding may imply practices such as:

Full attention (mindfulness): focus on the present moment and physical sensations without judging or evaluating.

Connection with the senses: be aware of the sounds, smells, flavors, textures, colors and temperature present in the environment.

Physical exercise: perform physical activities like walking, running or doing yoga to connect with the body and release accumulated energy. Grounding has the ability to affect exercise-induced inflammation, thus reducing blood viscosity. (2)

Contact with nature: spend time outdoors, contact the land, water or trees, to connect to nature. About 20 studies have reported intriguing evidence of extensive and significant physiological improvements when the body is connected to the earth in the face of not connected to the earth. (3)

The practice of grounding improves mood, reduces depression, reduces fatigue and decreases the feeling of pain. (4)

Reduces anxiety, improves concentration, relieves stress and promotes the sensation of general well-being. It is important to note that grounding does not replace professional treatment, but can be used as a complementary tool in mental health care.

Like every healthy habit. It must be proposed in a way that consents. We should propose to make contact with the earth. The first difficulty is to find the time of the day and the appropriate place as much as they can.

As for sports performance. Athletes performing Grounding had a less pronounced decrease in performance. (5)

As for the recovery of injuries. Athletes performing Grounding present a reduction of the inflammation markers associated with muscle damage. (5)


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