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There is life outside of Barcelona

By Santiago Toselli

There is life outside of Barcelona

Before traveling, I asked a friend, who lived a few years ago in Barcelona with his wife, if there was life outside the city. I wanted to know if, as an emigrant, I was “obligated” to install myself at the core of the quilombo, or if I had any margin of manoeuvre. He told me yes, but I'd be careful with the victors if I'd wash up in the city.The truth is, it was the first time I was gone that I could choose (literally choose) where I was going to live. It sounds like a boludes, but it's something that happens to take a little off. There are 195 countries in the world, and you feel an average freedom paralyzing product of so many options. In my case, that party won family and friendships. You should be near them.Not only did he win the game, he settled it at 20 minutes of the first time. When the family emigration project was still in diapers. (If I emigrated with a pibe of 3 and a half years. But this story pa’ the next.)It’s not new that many Argentines choose Barcelona to live. Spain, in general, is usually the first choice: by language and why there is no cookie that is not bathed in chocolate. But within Spain, Barcelona and Madrid lead the ranking.Like them, many other cities in the world are experiencing a very large migration movement. Argentines and people from all parts of the planet. This creates a scenario where many countries must adapt their economies, cities that must adapt their infrastructure, and societies that must adapt their routines and customs.

Life in Barcelona

Barcelona, specifically, became embodied. At least that's what the 25-year-olds tell you living here. And that incarceration happened in recent years. The department that rented in 2018 for 500 euros, can now cost twice in the city.There are no “cheap boats”, much less the services. Hardly you get something under 800 euros a month to live in family, and you have to quadruple that number to enter the dept. To this cocktail, add to it that the real estate market is a “Sálvese who can” of frustration, stress and Iberian ham.

Alternatives to live near Barcelona

But stroke, brother. Be a witness, give yourself to experience and feel enlightened by the word of the Lord: there is a “outside” life of Barcelona. "Out" léase "An hour train time." Ands what takes 110 to go from Nazca and Mosconi to Scalabrini and Soler if what sells sweets on the corner of Asunción returns fast to the sidewalk when the traffic lights on green. (Checked.)If you want to live the experience of emigrating and are rented with Barcelona, know that by negotiating a couple of train stations you can live perfectly well, find opportunities to labyrinse, and if you have a time when you go to the Holy Family to eat beaks.In my case, with my family, Above all, see what will be our son's with the change of environment. Well, in the end, we are all direct product of our environment.For now it is re copado, joining snails on the beach and asking to go see bell towers. (? The rest, only time will tell. Successes.

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Santiago Toselli

Born in Chubut in 1987, father geologist and teacher. I studied journalism and marketing, and worked for ten years in the accounting area of different health entities. Marido de Sol, father of Luca, swollen Quilmes and astronomy lover.


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