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Is there wine in Uruguay?

By Leandro Germain

Is there wine in Uruguay?

Of course you do! And very good.

Uruguay is divided into 3 periods in what is vitivinicultura (similar to all of the region).

First period: colonial: from above the vine to independence. It has a lot to do with the Catholic church. There were not so many private vineyards for the low population.

Second period: end of 1860. It has to do with one of the immigration waves that arrived in South America (mainly Italian, but also French and Spanish).

In Salto there is a viñedo that begins almost as an experimental form (founder don pasqual Harriague (Vasco). Here is tested Tannat and Folle Noir (intrascendant variety). The vineyard grew a lot and made a winery. The tannat you planted wasn't from Europe, but from Argentina. The winery buys in 1880 by Dickinson who develop the most modern winery in the region.

The tannat variety has become the emblematic variety of Uruguay today. The tannat was released as the ideal grape for its adaptation to the humid climate. It was used a lot to cut basic wines.

They come years where the surface of vineyards grows, the volume grows and the consumption grows.

The problem is that they began to avocate that the grapes give many grapes and a lot of wine and not to seek the quality.

In a moment are raised many plantations and repose with plants from abroad (France, some few from Argentina).

Third stage: 1970: conversion of vineyards: more important varieties of vines begin to arrive, all French varieties. The quality is again sought. Decreasing varieties of low eological potential.

Currently (2019) in Uruguay there are 6144 hectares implanted (97% winemaking, but not everything is vitis viniferous) with 925 producers. There are 1271 inscriptive vineyards.

5000 hectares have Montevideo (750 ha) and Canelões (4000)

Almost all the vineyard is to the south of Uruguay: Canelones, Montevideo, Cologne and San José (Maldonado is the 5th).

More planted varieties in Uruguay: tannat, Hamburg flot (basic vines), merlot, ugni blanc (basic vines), Cabernet Sauvignon, headnet franc.

How is the climate of Uruguay? quite parejo all over the country. Only country in a temperate zone. Hot tempered climate.

The productive heart is in Montevideo and Canelones: elevations that do not exceed 500 msnm. Aca as valecitos (bodegas Bouza, carrau, are located in the south of canelons or north of Montevideo).

The wines are elegant, with volume, good presence of varieties, are great wines that pride Latin America.

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