2/13/2023 - Entertainment and Well-being

Writing as a single resource

By Abril Ariana López

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Writing: an essential resource for well-being

How many times did you write what you felt instead of saying out loud? Is that an act of cowardice or pure courage?To me they always judged me for being unexpressive, for not showing affection, as if the only way to do it was by a hug or a kiss. All my life I grew up feeling like I was a cold person, farther away, and I ended up so much in that character I started to believe that it was true, that it was me.A little over the years and against the wind and the tide, I met with a tool that had spent quite neglected all my life: writing. My family had always encouraged me to read, which I thank every day, but never encouraged me to write a tale, or a poem; as a consequence, my beginnings in that art were by pure chance, although much later I realized that nothing is unlucky.My way of communicating changed thanks to that meeting, my way of communicating is also the words, but in a different way, a little more beautiful and with an artistic tinte. Every time some situation leaves me without words, I recur to the pencil and the paper, or to the note block of my phone, because the times have changed. There are days when my throat feels equal to a large colander full of stones trying to forcefully past these holes so small; it is then when I know that I should write to relieve this pain of not being able to say what I feel.Fortunately, I learned to use writing as a tool, but it takes a lot of courage to give your words to others. We keep many secrets in them, present ourselves before the role as a naked and vulnerable body because we know that at that time there is nothing or anyone else. Kind of scared, huh? Find yourself only with your thoughts, rather than ignore them and let them fly. You should never call coward someone who still doesn't know how to use your voice, will already arrive your moment, always comes the opportunity in which you have to shout not to lose in yourself, but while there are other paths.I know that we are thousands who choose to speak less and write more, and I propose to encourage us to say in a loud voice what anguish us or what makes us king; I also speak to myself that I hide after the role. But in turn, I encourage those who consider themselves frontal people, who will always say what they do not like, what they feel, take a leaf and answer these questions: What made me sound today? What makes me sound every day? What anguish or malaise am I carrying on the body?Remember that courage only lives in those who know how to put in words every feeling that crosses their bodies.

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abril lopez

Abril Ariana López

Hi! I am Abi and currently studying the Public Translator in English Language, and I also teach English at the institute where I studied all my life. From a very small step my free time between leaves and words, with time I understood that there were my true desires. The words were always a connector between my fears and my way of dealing with them, that is why today I dedicate my life to understanding how the language and dream works with finding my poem in some bookstore.


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