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The Full Moon in Piscis

By Mili Capalbo

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This month, on Saturday September 10, the Enche Moon in the 18th grade of Piscis is perfected. The Encha Moon is given when the Moon is behind Earth in relation to the Sun, which makes its face fully illuminated. It is a time that one has a lot of respect, when there are moons Fills the environment is loaded with energy that feel in the body and in the soul, they often arouse feelings. Why? Because just as the Moon affects the tides, it also has its effects on us.

It is a moment of transformation and culmination of cycles and moments learned. Perhaps we are more sensitive, more perceptive, that we feel a little tired or willing to carry out closures and changes. So it's good to hear our interior, what does the moon ask us? Rest, think, meditate, move down? During these days it is good to follow some rituals:

  • Hold candles
  • Reload the stones with lunar energy
  • Meditate and perform breathing exercises
  • Pay greater attention to our emotions and intuition
  • Writing, letting go of what is moving in our interior
This moon is given at the last sign of the zodiac. A sign of water that connects us with our sensitive side with emotions. Piscis is a very intuitive sign, which merges with the other, which perceives the subtlest of reality. It requires a transcendence of ego, and the understanding of freedom itself. Your regent Planet is Neptune, which invites us to resonate with those dimensions that escape from our usual experiences, and invites you to experience. So it's a great time to connect with art, listen to music, dance, do activities that inspire you to feel the emotions you want to incorporate.

As we said is the last sign of the zodiac, and it is associated with the last house: House 12. By ende, par excellence comes to mark an end, the culmination of something that we wanted to arrive at. We have to wonder about some issues that were going on in March, what things were looking for six months ago? This moon will bring to light our emotional processes, to understand what we are letting go, what is over and what new dreams we want to start. This will generate a release and will give way to a new stage.

The influence track of this Moon will be given until about September 23, from now on. I invite you to ask these questions in these days:

  • Am I containing my emotions? What should I let go?
  • What are those personal dreams I'm holding? What do I want to start?
  • What habits do I want to let go and what do I want to incorporate?
  • How do I start these changes? Do I need another one to reach them?
  • Am I happy with what I do? Do I resent my emotions?
  • Am I aware of what I'm doing and faced with?
To ask these questions it is essential to connect with our spiritual side. Do you do any activity that connects you with that side? What do you practice would like to incorporate? Look for things that inspire them, motivate them, move them. Use this moment to discern between positive and negative in your day to day.

Just as Piscis has to do with dreams, fantasies, the unconscious level, the Encha Moon is given in the Virgo season. This climate invites us to order and restructure, go inside, see what I want, what I need and what I can change. The sky is inviting us to reflect, adjust our habits, evaluate how cleaning everyday habits I can also clean my emotions. Because in order for harmony, I need to care and pay attention to the body and soul.

To close, this moon will connect to Neptune and square to Mars. The warrior asks us to awaken, take action. To realize what is to let go and what is to start. But look, don't look back, make sudden changes and start now. Incorporate the calm that has Piscis, estructurense with the order that gives us Virgo and design these changes to your near future.

If you want to know a little more about how this Moon touches you, look at the 18th grade of Piscis and fijense in which house you fall. This will be the area where they will feel this mobilization more strongly. And remember, meditate, order your thoughts, your emotions, connect with your emotional interior, and look for activities that make them more present. Happy Moon Enche!


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