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The health of our feet

By Alberto Serruya

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The health of our feet

Currently, by following a tendency to be within the parameter of beauty and eternal youth, we spell to be flaked, slender, to have a face without wrinkles, a muscular body, marked and a symphon of staff that made us idealize our way of seeing ourselves.

As in this segment, we do not prioritize the aesthetic, but we try to provide you with information so that you have an increasingly healthy life, we will inform you of a part of our body that little importance we give you and more use we give you. I invite you to read us and I can take some data I didn't know.

I start asking the following:You really know why they're so important Our feet?Certainly you will have ever heard, read or commented on the importance our feet have, besides being a fundamental part of our body. But really gives them the importance you should give? Do you take into account the care and importance of having them healthy?

HereI will try to explain to you part of its importance to what point more attention, prioritize certain care, and you can become aware of the time to choose a footwear, to take care of yourself in the best way.

Our wonderful and complex feet present a total of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments.

From the point of view structureWe can divide into three regions, the tarso, which connects the tibia and the peroné, the metatarso or the middle part of the foot, and the phalanges or fingers. From the biomechanical point of view is a system with 3 support points known as the plantar tripod. These three support points in turn are strongly united by aponeurotic fascias and by muscles that give them strength, structure, balance and mobility at our feet. They present nerve terminals that favor postural balance, but also an arteriovenous network that helps optimal circulation of all blood.

Certainly, when choosing a footwear, we do it by taste, by fashion, by status or by cultural issues.

Despite our current and modern uses and customs we must understand that the human being evolutionaryly walks bare for thousands of years without altering the natural gesture of feet.

With evolution and development, we began logically to seek more protection and to close more and more by making it lose its functionality and its natural gestures.

That, of course, had consequences like:

  • deformation of the foot structure, loss of functionality.
  • Rigidity and shortening of tendons and ligaments.
  • Higher risk of injury.
  • Sensory disconnections.
  • Changes in conduct and movement pattern.
  • Positive changes.
  • Loss of strength.
Footwear can be very expensive, be fashionable, be comfortable, but NO That's what our feet need.

Pay attention to your footwear.

Our feet are looking for health and functionality.Heel shoes and high heels often shorten our Achilles heel leading them to rigidity and postural changes. footwear with very narrow hormas usually compress our feet, change the structure and even the backing points we mentioned earlier

Too wide sweats remove mobility, stability and balance. Girls who are too soft alter all the mobility of the foot, weaken muscles and fascias.

The habits and customs of walking more and more bare time or using minimalist footwear have several benefits.

  • Improve stability.
  • Reduces back pain.
  • Improves ownception (capacity q we have to feel the position and movement of the body.)
  • Improves circulation and venous return.
  • Improves posture.
  • Generates a greater sensitive or sensory connection.
In another report, we will help you how to choose the ideal footwear to do physical activity.

Anímate changing habits, DO NOT always follow the trends of fashion, health care and bigger movements at your feet

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