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The Akashic Registers and their Benefits

By Javier de León

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Akáshicos or Universal Library?

The Akashic Records are a spiritual concept that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is believed that they are a universal record of all information, thoughts and experiences of each living being in the universe.

It is said that these records are stored in a non-physical existence plan called "Akasha", which is believed to be a higher dimension of consciousness.

Often, people describe the Akashic Records as a "universal library", a place where all information from the past, present and future is stored.

It is believed that each person has an individual record in the Akashic Records that contains the information of all their past, present and future lives.

How do you access the Akashic Records?

Access to the Akashic Records is done through a technique called "Akisic Registration Bill", which is performed by a certified Akashic Records reader.

During a reading of Akashic Records, the reader enters a state of deep meditation and accesses the client's records.

The reader can answer questions about past lives, present and future life, life lessons and any other relevant information that can help the customer on their spiritual path.

In addition to the readings of Akashic Records, there are also courses and workshops that teach people how to access their own records.

These courses often include meditation and visualization techniques to help people connect with their own higher consciousness and access their individual records.

Although the Akashic Records are a spiritual concept, some people regard them as a therapeutic tool and a means for self-exploration and personal growth.

The readings of Akashic Records can be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy to help people overcome past traumas, improve their self-esteem and find their purpose of life.

Benefits of Akashic Records

There are many benefits in having a reading of Akashic Records. Some clients have informed feel greater clarity and understanding of their own lives and relationships after a reading.

Others reported having received important messages from their spiritual guides that helped in making important decisions.

The benefits of access to the Akashic Records are many and varied. Here are some examples:

  1. Greater clarity and understanding: The readings of Akashic Records can provide greater clarity and understanding of the challenges and circumstances of life. By better understanding the patterns and lessons of past, present and future life, one can make more informed and wise decisions for the future.
  2. Greater self-knowledge: When accessing the Registry, you can discover hidden and unknown aspects of the same. This can help people better understand their strongholds, weaknesses and purposes of life. By getting to know each other better, they can live a fuller and more satisfying life.
  3. Emotional and spiritual healing: Readings of these records can help in emotional and spiritual healing. By better understanding the patterns and cycles of past, present and future life, one can overcome traumas and emotional blockages that may be affecting the current life.
  4. Link with the spiritual guide: By accessing the Akashic Records, one can establish a deeper connection with spiritual guides and universal wisdom. This can help people find a higher purpose and greater understanding of the universe and its role in it.
The Akashic Records are a fascinating spiritual tool that can help people connect with their superior consciousness and find greater understanding and purpose in life.

Although there is no scientific evidence that supports the existence of Records, many people have reported significant benefits of having a reading or learning to access their own records.

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