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Best dishes in Brazil

By Abril Florencia Gargiulo

Best dishes in Brazil


Private classes of tourists

Undoubtedly, an essential goal to travel, in addition to resting and playing to be a tourist, is to be able to enter the culture of the place you are visiting.

To try, for a few days, to alienate themselves from their own customs and traditions, and even to forget nationality for a while.

Some add up to the boat of a jump and even end up speaking the language or imitating the accent of the place they visit (of the most torpe and funny way possible).

Others, who are more reluctant, perhaps prefer to stick to the role of tourist and be merely observers, as in a work of theatre.

I think both positions are respectable, and of course, dependent on the kind of personality that has the tourist.

Personally, I am one of those who travel with the desire to soak in the culture of others, although I do not only get to the point of imitating languages or accents, as did several friends of mine. (Note the Spanish accent, but pull the first stone that has traveled to the land of the Flemish and has not been pasted this iconic song).

The 3 best Brazilian meals you cannot miss

However, be imitator or be observer, I think that what cannot escape the time of travel is gastronomy.

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, and took advantage to test most of the characteristic meals of the region.

Spoiler: one richer than the other. Today I come to tell you about the meals you shouldn't miss, at least from my perspective.

Coal cheese

I start with the most delicious and simple at the same time: the koho cheese. As wonderfully simple as roasted goat cheese, put on a pinch type wooden stick and towed with oregano.

Ideal for eating on the beach and you can achieve easily.

You should only be attentive to hear the “cheese cheese” cry of Brazilian vendors.

Something like the “há churros!” of the Argentine coast, saving the distances, of course.

Chicken and catupiry

I follow with something that is not so much a dish, but a combination of two very characteristic ingredients of Brazil: chicken (pollo) and catupiry. The catupiry is a kind of cheese - sauce, which, combined with chicken, becomes an explosion of must-have creamy flavors.

You can find it in different formats, as in salty, which would be the closest to the empanadas you will find, in the natural sandwich that sell on the beach, or even in pizza.

Speaking of chicken and catupiry, if you go to Buzios you cannot miss going to eat at least once to Chez Michou.

I would not say that it is an autochthonous gastronomy of Brazil, because it is a place of crepes whose original owner is French, but they have definitely managed to give the Brazilian touch.

Proof of this is caupiry chicken crepe or catupiry meat, which I dare to say, must be of the best-selling.


Lastly, I can't let go of the famous açai. For those who do not know it, açai is a Brazilian fruit of a very particular flavor, which is usually used with different aggregates, such as beans, fruits and chocolates.

In recent years, this dish has been pierced in Argentina, but what we do not know is that Brazilian sites do not usually include so many aggregates, because they consider it a “distortion” of the true taste of the açai.

In staff it is not something that attracts me very much, but I must clarify that unfortunately my taste has declared war on fruit for a long time.

My recommendation: Jugáte

It could continue to write endlessly about food in Brazil, such as the cheese mines ideal for breakfast in the morning, or the famous hatch with butter to enjoy under the sun.

However, I think that in the end, the important thing to travel is to be open to new flavors and taste everything, even if you do not know what it is, or whether you will like it or not.

The biggest risk you run is to find with a flavor incompatible with your taste and have to wash the taste with a little water.

Or why not, with a good caipirinha!


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