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Myths about skin care

By Sol Garcia Hamilton

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As the world of cosmetics grows and more and more people are interested in the care of the skin, the rumors about the skincare. With so much information that there is circulating over the internet, it is difficult to know that it is true and that it is not. For this reason, I investigated some of the most frequent questions and consulted their truthfulness with a cosmetologa and cosmiatra of Buenos Aires. Constança Lamponi is trained by different professional schools in Argentina and in this note deprives some myths about skin care.

" Antiage creams eliminate wrinkles"

- Unfortunately nothing eliminates wrinkles. Creams help to decrease and keep skin much more humiliated. Another essential to prevent and reduce wrinkles is to protect yourself from the sun. Do not expose yourself in the worst times and use every sunscreen day, reposing it every two hours. Also have a daily routine of skincare and make treatments in cabinet. For example, radiofrequency functions as anti-ageing because it improves collagen and elastin on the skin. All this does not eliminate the wrinkles in its entirety, but greatly improve the appearance of them.

"We should only use sunscreen when leaving the house"

- It is necessary to always use sunscreen. Inside the house, through the windows, penetrate the rays of the sun and we must be protected. In addition, the lights that produce cell phone, television or computer screens also damage the skin. The sunscreen should be incorporated as a step further from our daily skin care routine.

"If I don't make it during the day, I don't have to wash my face for the night"

- You always have to wash your face in the morning and in the evening. At night, do not use makeup. Throughout the day, it usually sweats, touches the face and, moreover, is exposed to street contamination. Skin after a day of work, physical activity and daily routine needs cleaning not to accumulate impurities, prevent black spots, among other things.

" The toothpaste is the best way to remove granites"

- The toothpaste is not good for the granites. The only thing you're gonna do is hurt the granite. There is no need to use anything that is not approved by ANMAT - National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology. Laboratory products undergo many health processes in the middle so they can reach the skin. When a granite comes out, one must expect to go alone or look for specific products to improve the healing process, but that it is cosmetological.

"It is necessary to change the products so that the skin does not get used"

- Skin is not used to the products. What is changing is our needs and we should go along when the products to them. For example, it is a good idea to do different routines in summer and winter. In winter months one can make a stronger routine, which includes acids because we are not as exposed to the sun - as it is necessary to apply sunscreen. Therefore, if it is good to change the products in the routine, but not because the skin gets used, but because our skin has changes and does not always need it.

"A routine with many steps is the most effective for our skin"

- It is not necessary to have many steps to be effective. I always recommend starting from a little to generate habit, comply with cleaning, hydration and sun protection. Then, if you want to improve something punctual, you can add a serum, eye contour, tonic, etc. For example, if someone wants to control acne, only using the three basic steps, the routine is short. It should be added something specific to this pathology. But it is not necessary to apply a lot of products so that it is effective.

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