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By Alberto Serruya

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Let's talk to you about one of the most important variables in health that is less important to you and that it may be the least mentioned. "EL DECANSO"

In this way, rest is so important that not having it healthy and prolonged in time increases the risk of suffering diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lowering daily income, hypertension, depression, even excess body fat.

It is usual to worry about the amount of recommended hours of rest, but without ever getting a great quality repairing sleep.

In this context, we choose to take into account certain premises:

  • The time Import: The sooner we try to sleep, the better. It's not the same sleeping at 9:00 a.m. Obviously this sometimes implies resigning certain night habits that we perpetuate in time.
  • Créate a routine where you try to lift and lie down at the same time. Your body can get used to and has a metabolic adaptation.
  • La comfort of your room is essential, make sure it is dark, silent and as fresh as possible, an environment that invites you to a good rest, improves the amount and quality of it.
  • Includes in your daily life more time physical activity, recalls that a body to rest needs to be tired, physical activity and exercise are fundamental pillars to improve the quality of rest.
  • Have a good and correct power supply It will also help us to have a good rest. Consume an essential amino acid to form melatonin and serotonin, even foods rich in magnesium and potassium are very recommended to promote a great quality of rest, among them we can mention banana, nuts, cherries, almonds, vegetables in general the humus the rice etc.
  • Avoid all stimuli The last hour before resting. By stimuli we refer to artificial lights, alcoholic beverages, coffee and everything that can deteriorate the quality of rest, even those who invite us to raise much more tired.
I will take into account that improving the quality and amount of night rest time, will improve your daily energy and your performance, your memory, your concentration, your state of mind. It will also improve your immune system and reduce all the diseases we mention at the beginning of the present.

Within the recovery methods, rest is a natural anabolic and is perhaps the most useful tool simpler, more effective and less taken into account.Now that you know all this information pays more attention to your rest.

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Alberto Serruya

National Professor of Physical Education. Personal trainer. Sports Coordinator.

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