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Oda to Rutina

By santiago toselli

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It looks like the alarm clock in the morning, you take yourself as you can and start the day. Eleven hours out between tramis, subts and labyrinth, back to your home and rest. The next morning, the same. Mismo bondi, even up, same guys. If you are relatively sociable you already know the name of the driver who, more or less at that time, passes by your stop. These are some of the details of men and women who live their lives according to a determined routine.

When was the last time you stopped a touch on the voragine of your life to seriously think about the concept of routine? Are you routine? Do you like being?

As if we were cracks today, the idea of repeating the same pattern every day falls indefectively in this swampy terrain where there are no correct answers. If you're a routine, okay. And if not, too.

Those who love the routine, are part of your life, as a local person who enters your destinations. A closed system in which time passes is structured. The routine tries to order the variables, and thus the existence of the person becomes a little more predictable. At least according to your perspective.

In routine the facts develop naturally, without the need for reflection of part of the subject. In addition, what you get thanks to the routine is a sense of safety and comfort. An intangible veil that is supposed to make your life easier. (Spoiler Alert: NO)

The other side of the coin is those who hate the routine. Escapan of the idea of living the same every day. They consider routine as a true “Marmota Day”. The theme is that without Bill Murray's magnetism, the film is not funny.

They are those who decide to arm their lives with more volatile structures, only by the desire to live away from routines. People who don't feel the need to know who they're having dinner with next week or what party they're having.

Now, as a good tibius I am, I am the wide Avenue of the Middle to reflect on this subject as I like, with the tibias of an open steak two hours ago.

It's fantastic, every now and then, running out of routine. Sit down. It gives you the opportunity to create new memories and live new experiences.

Recently I sold the car and bought a bike, so I went back to pedal after 18 years. Not only did I get out of the bike shop and at the first corner I tried to put the script, but the week I bought it I bit a cord and took the stick of my life.

I left flying, take the sidewalk, around 162 times (the cipher exaggerates for dramatic purposes) until the inertia abandoned me and left me taken out on the street. All brunette, tears, blood, all combo. And to tell you the truth, I haven't felt so alive in years.

I mean, if. Breaking the routine has positive things. But the truth is, we couldn't live without routines.

Routine is an inherent part of human experience and a tool that has proven useful throughout history. Planning our days served us as a species to adapt and progress.

Our ancestors did not have the freedoms we have to willingly abandon the routine. Difficultly our grandparents, hungry for war and war, joined once every two years to ruin playing paintball.

If you have children you will know that the first one who says the pediatrician is that the baby needs a routine. That you may not have passed by thread until 3:00 a day, and the next day sleeping until noon.

Perhaps morality is the same as in other major debates. Perhaps the answer is in the holy balance of things. Arm a flexible, interesting and challenging routine. To try to control some variables and make us feel safe, but allow us to break the mold and do new things. Let it be permeable.

Tell me. When was the last time you did something extraordinary?

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santiago toselli

santiago toselli

Born in Chubut in 1987, father geologist and teacher. I studied journalism and marketing, and worked for ten years in the accounting area of different health entities. Marido de Sol, father of Luca, swollen Quilmes and astronomy lover.


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