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Female orgasm

By Guadalupe Camurati

Female orgasm

The Cecilia License Ce in his book “SexoATR” quotes as definition the following: " It is the culmination of a variable and fleeting sensation of intense pleasure that generates an altered state of consciousness, usually with a beginning that goes accompanied by rhythmic contractions unintentionally of the circuvaginal pelvic striated musculature often with uterine contractions and concomitant anales and with a myotonia that solves sexually induced vascogestion in general causing well-being and satisfaction” .

Intrincations and Variations of Femenine Orgasm: Dismitting Myths and Exploring Realities

Through this detailed definition of what occurs in a female orgasm can clarify the following: variable feeling It makes reference that organs vary in each person and throughout life can experience very distinct orgasms. It is fleeting because it lasts a few seconds, but in the case of people with female genitals can occur one “multiorgasm” That is, a follower of different orgasms, one after the other. Changed state of consciousness means that the mind for a few seconds is erased, it is called " The petite mort” That means “the little death” referring to that, for a few seconds, the ceberus leaves all his worries and thoughts to one side, pauses, and erases: the mind sets itself blank. The answer to orgasms, in some cases, can be laughed or even weeping, sometimes one does not want to touch or fall asleep. Involuntary contractions occur as a reflection of the body and amount of blood at that time in the organs in the pelvic zone. We feel that “late” the genital area. orgasm generates satisfaction and pleasure, but the perception of it can be variable depending on the situation, context, the person and the same.

The most characteristic of this event is the release of sexual tension. It can appear in an individual erotic context or together as not, it can pass also in dreams or exercising. The idea established by the pornographic and hollywoodense orgasm industry (especially females) is completely wrong. There is usually not so much intensity, so long, so many cries, squirt fired on all sides. The reality, is that it is a shorter and different feeling in each person and depends very much on the context and time of your life in which one is.

The truth about orgasms: beyond myths and stereotypes

A short time ago, it was considered that there were two types of orgasm: clitorial and vaginal. Women used to share these experiences to get married in the kind of orgasm that happened to them. All this could no longer be wrong, for, as the Licensed Ce says, orgasm there is one, there are no different types of orgasm which There are different ways of stimulation to get to it. orgasm is mental. The Christ, extends within the body and its nerve endings are in contact with the vaginal walls, by ende, when there is penetration if it is stimulating all this, but if it is not directly interacted with the Christ, there is no such orgasm. Sigmund Freud it established that women who enjoyed with chronologically were immature or neurotic. All to follow with the phallocentric model and generate this belief that “what is well was to be penetrated and the correct orgasm was what came from this action”. A little strong for the male race to know that women do not need a penis to have an orgasm.

“Besides physical stimulation, which is the common cause of orgasm to most people, there is also stimulation through mainly mental processes. Some women, for example, can reach orgasm through sexual fantasies or fetishes. However, although stimulation may be psychological, orgasm manifests physically. Therefore, although the cause is psychological, the effect remains physical and orgasm necessarily occurs in the sexual organ equipped for the sexual clitoctic, the chronologically. The orgasm experience can also differ in the degree of intensity, some more localized and other more diffuse and sensitive. But all are Christ's orgasms. ”

In turn, factors that impact orgasm, that is, that prevent or hinder the arrival of it: organic, psychological and binding factors. “With regard to organics vascular diseases, diabetes, chronic pain, drugs such as antidepressant anxiolytics, drugs, alcohol can be found. The ‘psychological factors, are quite common, are anxiety, depression, lack of sexual motivation and desire, lack of erotic thoughts, believe negative cias on their own body image, history of childhood violence, sexual abuse, absence of sexual education, issues of religion, inexperience, feelings of guilt, among others. And the related aspects have to see when these with another and there are communication problems, there is no satisfaction or desire between the couple, unresolved anger, among other things. ”

It is important to note that orgasm is not the goal of every sexual encounter or masturbation. There are many practices that can be enjoyed equally or more than orgasm itself.

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