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Step by step: which product is right for your age group

By sol garcia hamilton

Step by step: which product is right for your age group

In recent years, skin care topics are more in vogue than ever. Therefore, it is normal to be overwhelmed by the amount of information, products, trends and techniques that we can see on social networks. Understanding which products are best suited for each stage of life can help us begin to understand what is the most effective way to care for our complexion. It can also make the difference between radiant skin and skin that shows premature signs of aging. With the guidance of Dr. Priscila Dzigciot, director of BACE, an esthetic and beauty center located in Recoleta, we explore the secrets to maintaining healthy skin over the years.

What skin care products does a teenager need?

"A teenager needs to cleanse the skin every night and a moisturizing with fairly light products and for sensitive skin, and sun protection."

And after adolescence, starting adulthood?

"Entering adulthood, we start adding products with antioxidants, for example, vitamin C, and products that start working on collagen stimulation such as argireline, resveratrol and peptones."

How can we adapt our skin care routine as we move from decade to decade?

"As time goes on, just the important thing is to incorporate these antioxidants, these products that produce collagen and elastin. We also start with the eye contour."

When should we start using retinol and anti-aging products?

"I recommend that from the age of 30 we already start doing an anti-aging routine. Retinol has to be prescribed, indicated by a doctor, and you can start applying it from the age of 35."

What product can we use at all ages?

"Moisturizing, sunscreen, cleansing milk, toner (depending on the toner you choose) can also be used, although it is not always necessary."

What role does diet and lifestyle play in skin aging?

"We are what we eat, we are what we sleep, we are the stress we have. That's very important and it shows a lot in our skin if we sleep well, if we eat healthy and if we have low stress levels."

What is the main enemy of the skin?

"The sun, without any doubt, is the main enemy of the skin. Not the sun that one takes for 15 minutes to have vitamin D, but the sun that one takes in the wrong way, when one does not replicate the protector or applies a low factor protector or directly does not apply protector at all."

As the doctor points out, when you are a teenager, it is not necessary to have a 10-step routine to be effective. A good cleansing, moisturizing cream and sunscreen are enough. The latter will be the ally of all ages. Remember that without sunscreen, no other product will be effective in preventing wrinkles.

Finally, the key to healthy, radiant skin lies in adapting our skin care routine according to our specific needs at each stage of life. With the right guidance and careful product selection, we can preserve the vitality of our skin throughout the years.

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