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Movie Clown year 2019

By Gaston leites

Movie Clown year 2019

Taking advantage of the hype of the 37th Mar del Plata International Film Festival, parallel activities have been organized to celebrate the seventh art. One of these is the "Finde de Película" cycle , organized by the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

In this context, an open call was made for films shot in recent years. Among the 4 nominees for best film is "Payaso", the second feature film by director Gonzalo Albornoz.

The film, shot in black and white, tells the story of one of the many unemployed created by the measures taken by the last neoliberal government of Argentina. Locked in a faded and sad reality, he decides to become a clown to pay off a debt he has contracted with a group of thugs.

In his search for a job, our protagonist will cross paths with artists, with marches, with marginalized people and with the whole cast that in real life populates the Conurbano to this day. Like life itself, the reality of the film becomes unreal, the characters become blurred and even the protagonist changes, as a way of symbolizing that this individual tragedy that the director and writer imagined is actually a collective tragedy.

"I was surprised that they chose this film. Several places have congratulated us for what we have achieved, although they tell us that the message is too political," said Albornoz.

From the same director, the short film "Roomate" was also screened, a horror story about a young woman who finds a place to live, where not everything is what it seems. Of this work it is worth mentioning the incredible work developed in the soundtrack.

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