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Why is it important to serve wine at a great temperature?

By Leandro Germain

Why is it important to serve wine at a great temperature?

How to avoid a wine with unwanted edges

The importance of temperature is that wine will express its best potential at a given temperature. Pierde or gains expressivity at a temperature or another.

At optimal service temperature, the wine will find a balance between all its components. A wine, whatever is served at a temperature range that is not the appropriate, will lose expressiveness and balance.

So we should take them to each of them at their ideal temperature, here I leave you a guide according to the type of wine.

Ideal temperatures for wine

Light white: 8 to 10 °C

Structured whites: 10 to 12 °C (get more density, more cost to the aromatic components, go out to the surface. More degrees, more helps the components express themselves.

Roses: 10 to 12 °C

Smokers: 5 to 7 °C (carbonic gas helps aromatic substances to exit and drag volatile components).

Light reds: 14 to 16 °C

Structured reds: 16 to 18 °C

Late shells: 9 to 11 °C

Headers: that's what most styles there are. The problem is they have many components. There are schools that say 18 to 20 degrees and other schools that say 8 to 10 °C

When someone is arranging a cata, we must bear in mind that the wine is served with less degrees, to prevent when taking a higher temperature than it should be taken.


Light red wine in an environment of 50 °C: It will increase alcohol.

Light red wine in an environment of -40 °C: With cold the green components will increase (tanines, bitterness and acids).

So you know, if you will take wine, that is at the proper temperature. It is always preferable to pass from cold and that the wine will warm up in the cup, which serve already warm, it has no back.

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