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Why is it a tendency to Korean cosmetics and what are your steps?

By Sol Garcia Hamilton

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The country that marks a trend in cosmetics is undoubtedly Korea. Women in this country know how to perfectly care for their skin and have their secrets to keep an “eternal youth”. They stand out for having a light, smooth skin, no stains or acne and especially no wrinkles.

Oriental culture focuses on preventing skin problems before healing them. Therefore, they are demanding at the time of creating products. They often have sophisticated formulations because the dermis of Korean women is easily sensitive. Therefore, largely avoid the use of aggressive chemicals. Some of the star assets are: beauty water, to provide lighting and hydration; snail ruffle, for firmness of skin and fade acne marks; Asian centella, to regenerate tissues; and real jalea, to nourish in depth.

El Salvador K-Beauty started the movement of importance that takes care of skin before makeup. And that is why these cosmetics are gaining more fame in the West: there is no product that they use that does not become a Must have.What is Korean beauty routine?It is a day and night habit that includes 10 steps. The products are specific to cover different skin needs. It is based on what is known as layering: means apply different layers of products. It starts from the lightest to the thickest. That way they can penetrate in depth.

These are the following steps:

Clean in oil. Those who have oily skin do not be frightened by this product. It is excellent for cleaning the makeup and the remains of sunscreen. Do not cover the pores and it is very easy to use.

● Water-based cleaner. It is soap or cleaning foam. It is necessary to avoid soaps that are not specific for facial cleansing; they should be kind.

● Exfoliation. This step is taken once a week and during the night. A chemical exfoliating will promote cellular regeneration through your

concentration of assets.

● Tonic. It serves to restore the skin ph and prepare it for the next step: hydration.

● Essence. This is the most important step for Korean women. It's a more dense concentrate than tonic, but less than serum. The essence is enriched with active ingredients that increase skin elasticity and prepare it for the nutrients that will come with serum.

● Suero. It is a substance with high concentration assets that penetrate quickly and has effective results. The serums will be chosen depending on the skin needs. For example, for firmness, for acne control, to avoid stains, to give luminosity, etc.

● Sheet mask. This step is unique for the day as this type of masks usually have an instant effect. In Korea they use them at any time of the day.

● Eye contour. The eye contour area is much more delicate and lean than the rest of the face. So it requires special care.

● Moisturizing cream. With this step “sella” the hydration. At day use lighter creams and at night, a heavier to nourish in depth.

● Sunscreen. This step is especially for the day. It's the most important thing, but all the previous ones are in vain. It should be applied again every two hours and used even inside.

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