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What is the high seam? Haute Couture Fashion Week, a basic guide to understand

By Guadalupe Hanna Ciavatti

What is the high seam? Haute Couture Fashion Week, a basic guide to understand

What is high stitching and why is it so exclusive?

I wouldn't be surprised at all if I told myself that in the last few days I've found you watching video parades where the models appear carrying a lion's head or as if it were the most normal in the world. If it was like that, and it woke up some questions, don't worry, the vast majority have an answer.

Let's go by parts, first of all, if we are seeing hyperealistic animals in dresses, clothes on the contrary or pieces that in our eyes are unusable, it is due to that on last Thursday 26 was given by completed to Haute Couture Fashion Week, which lasted for 3 days and was thirsty for Paris.

All right, now.What is the high seam?, the concept comes from"Haute Couture"in French, which refers toclothing creationcustomer-friendly exclusive clothing, is handmade and belongs to what we know ashandmadeor handmade.

The art fashionable object: exploring the Haute Couture Fashion Week

The high seam, orHaute Couture, is the term with which one knows the highest link in terms of fashion design hierarchy.

Knowing thisWhat happens inHaute Couture Week?, this week designers take care not only to present clothing, but also to show their creativity power through silhouettes, textiles, concepts etc. However, the high seam does not only treat clothes, but all that surrounds it, making it to the point of speaking even of'art object'.

The most exclusive fashion designers meet in the week of high sewing

During these days, the houses express theirIdentitycreative through different engines, from signatures asSchiaparelliorViktor and Rolfwith its dramatic and surrealist constructions, for example,Chanel which presents its characteristic silhouettes whose making is of great textile and identity work.

So...Who participates in this event?, when talking about the cusp of expression and mastery of fashion and its concepts, with a handmade and high exclusivity execution, only a few designers participate in it.

It is important to note that signatures belonging to this group are extremely excluded. These are designated byHigh Sewing National Chamber in Paris, which by means of an evaluation process (in which factors such as the quantity of craftsmen in each workshop, the inverted hours per piece etc.) selects those designers who can participate in theHaute Couture.2023 we could see signatures asAlexander Vauthier,Giambattt Valli,Schiaparelli,Armaniamong others.

High seam: for who and for what?

Now, if we answer the most recurring question,Who uses these things? These clothesare not thought for mass use as such,So,do not aim for your sale in stores. What is intended with them is to expose the maximum dexterity and execution by mastering art, conceptualization, materials and silhouettes. This means that the parts are unique, and as we have previously mentioned, exclusive and tailored.

The fate of the pieces is to serve as archives, museums or exhibitions. In turn, others are used for renowned events such as galas and red carpets. They can also be reproduced thus creating “hechas-to-measure” clothes, or even, acquired, only by a small and select sector of lovers of luxury and collectors. In all these cases, what is guaranteed is exclusivity and uniqueness, and there is an extremely small number of clothing per look.

With these issues clarified, it is important that the next time you see something referred to in the fashion week of high sewingas art. Why exactly this is what it is, clothes parading at the artistic level, and, like every expression of art, its subjectivity aims to generate some kind of feeling or emotion in its viewer, whether positive or negative, even if these translate into the form of uncertainty or doubts, which I hope, to a greater or lesser extent, to have solved.

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