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  • It's Monday, it's 15:00 and I'm finishing my playlist for the 19:00 session; I know there are almost 50 people who are anxiously waiting to finish their day for this meeting. I am extremely meticulous in the assembly of the playlist, because music is my greatest ally and I need to have a musical coherence that leads riders to go through different vibrational frequencies, for this I rely on genres like indie, progressive, tech house, rock, hip hop and other eclectic genres that come to me when I look for them or when they find me.

  • By 16:00 the playlist is finished and I start the choreography to the beat of the music. For those who have never been to an indoorcycle session it may seem absurd to dance on a bicycle, for me it would be too, but you would be surprised, the amount of synchronized body variations that can be achieved and that involve every muscle of the body in an integral way.

  • By 17:00 I start preparing for my class, thinking about what I want to transmit, what message I want to give and how to do it, since my role as a coach is to make each person leave the studio with a valuable content and a goal achieved.

  • Afterwards I choose my look for that day, which is fundamental for the comfort and ease that I am going to transmit. if you are a rider and you are reading this, you and I know that we take the outfit issue very seriously; I think I have had the conversation with several riders about "having more sportswear than going out", and that is reflected in the studio when you see people arriving with great looks that show the motivation to look and feel good.

  • At 18:00 I finally arrive at the studio to start with the set up and find out if there are new members, as this requires a different approach to them and in the class, we want them to enjoy it as members and spectators and not to leave traumatized, so we must be very careful on how to introduce them.

Together with the team we prepare the studio so that every detail is perfect, temperature, lighting, cleanliness, sound and once everything is tested the protagonists enter to take their bike, once the room is full, the doors close and the magic begins.


I have to confess that I have been a coach for 6 years and I still get a knot in my stomach before starting and standing in front of so many people, so I take a deep breath and give myself to whatever comes.

Before jumping right in, I always propose to set an intention in that session and harness the power of the collective energy to exponentially boost that intention and make it happen asap.

With the first shout of energy we dive into 45 minutes of total disconnection from the outside world in a ritual that combines:

  • A level of extreme demand, which forces you to challenge your own limits and evolve at the level of strength and endurance, here no one is counting calories but we can burn up to 800 per class.

  • A very high level of body awareness: control of posture, heart rate and breathing, simultaneously, at first it costs a lot, but the discipline and repetition makes all this then becomes almost automatic.

  • Development of the musical ear and body rhythm, I think this is one of the higlights of rockcycle, if you can pedal a track of more than 3 minutes at a bpm (beat per minute sustained) without sitting down, consider yourself a consecrated rider, arms and legs move with different patterns that are constantly changing with the music, eventually you will feel that you sing the song with your body.

  • Collective synergy: for 45 minutes we are a single energy, much more powerful than the individual, we go in the same direction, we give and receive and that synergy is generated only when we are positioned in the here and now. You would be surprised to discover your potential when you have someone next to you who raises your frequency and supports you energetically not to give up.

  • Commitment and seriousness, we firmly believe in the renewing power that is generated in each session, so with that conviction we take very seriously the rules of respect for individual and collective enjoyment, there are moments to shout wildly and others to remain silent, there are moments to laugh and there are also many to cry.

  • Vulnerability: this is the moment of catharsis that you need to release the backpack you carry during the day, when the lights go out completely and you are the only being inhabiting that space, a lot of emotions, memories and feelings jump, do not be surprised if the tears begin to come out spontaneously and if so, congratulations you unlocked one more level as a consecrated rider, it is very common to cry in class and I think it is the moment of greatest vulnerability of a person which means that you gave yourself and that you trust the space.

  • Community: It doesn't end when the music stops, the bonds that are created as the team gets to know each other is the cherry on top. Rockcycle is the ideal place to meet and connect with people, and why not? expand your networking network, beyond that there are many people if we want to call it "famous" the real target is super interesting people, good vibes, nice energy, and who are in that search to be their best version, so both above and below the bike we are all equal.


Indoorcycle and spinning are disciplines that come from a similar base, but their execution has an abyss of difference.

  • Spinning focuses on resistance, so you will spend most of the time sitting down, and in indoor cycling you will be prepared to sweat every last drop standing up on the bike, we sit down only to drink water when the track is over.

  • In spinning you simulate a bicycle route, no matter if the music goes at a fast or slow pace the goal is to complete the circuit in different resistances, in indoorcycle the music is crucial, because we will follow the rhythm of the bpms beats per minute with different speeds running choreographies, which I think makes it more intense and fun.

  • Unlike spinning that involves 100% pedaling, in indoorcycling we include weights and there are also moments of high load where you develop muscle mass, which makes it a complete workout.

  • In spinning the monitors and screens are key to check calories, speed, distance, and revolutions per minute (RPMS), the rider is very aware of these monitors, in indoorcycling you will always have a huge mirror in front of you like in a dance class because the idea is that you look at yourself, control your posture and synchronize with your coach and your partners.


That will depend on your goals and needs, if you want to be in control of your body information and you don't care much about the music you could opt for spinning, but if your idea is to let go of control and let yourself be carried away by your body and the music 100% indoorcycle is for you.

I still can't give you a concrete answer as to what rockcycle is, so if what you read resonates with you, come and experience it in person.

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