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What happens by our mouth when we take a wine?

By leandro germain

What happens by our mouth when we take a wine?

In order to be able to feel likes we need taste buds and to have saliva. The saliva allows the conduction of healthy components so that the papillas can feel the tastes.

Saliva has another important component, mucin. It is a glycoprotein that in the presence of tannins coagulates.

Tasty sensations:

Sweet: tip of the tongue. Papilas fungiformes. Attack with intensity from the beginning and then descend. Feel in greater or less intensity according to the component that produces it. There are several reasons why a wine can feel sweet: residual sugar (any of them), alcohol (also can give bitterness), glycerin or glycerol.

Salad: It is not a usual feeling in the wines, but it may appear well. The concentration that the wines of saline components have is quite low, so one rarely notices salinity.

Acid: side of the tongue. Papilas filiformes. The wine has an acid nature. The main healthy components of grape is sugar and acidity. The acidity is the nerve, the driver, which gives you brio, filo. What has no acidity is a wine, turned off, boring, dead.

The acids are: tartaric, citric, malic. And the neoforms: lactic, acetic (although it is a defect).

Bitter: At the end of the mouth, having it, feels bitter taste. A subtle and lightweight bitterness can give a certain complexity. In general, a wine is bitter when there are mistakes or inconveniences of some time of the elaboration of wine. Bitter by spoon early: The tannins will not mature, they will not be silky. They're gonna be green tannins. Bitter marked.

Bitter for seed break. Bad transport management. Poorly pressed. He barely discards the first selection. Bitter for excess in the toaster in the wood. Too much wood tannins.

Tactile sensations:

These will produce texture-level sensations.

Taninos (astringence): Chemical substances of the family of polyphenols that fulfill a function in the plant and another in wine. In the plant are in the stems, hollejos and nuggets. This is because it is a natural defense mechanism that has the plant, first of all against fungi, but also against herbivores. In the plant is a protection.

Tangines are obtained in a wine by maceration of grape juice with hollejo and/or with the nuggets. If not, there is no tactical charge. The mission of tannin in wine is to give you structure, frame, weight, volume, body. It is the spine where the wine is based. Help him stay firm. In addition, it has protective function as it is an antioxidant. Help the wine guard.

Over time tannins polish and feel less secant. The young tannin has the possibility to evolve in time, and the green tannin is the one that was harvested before time. Do what you do will not change too much. The feeling of roughness and astringence is associated with an irritating bitterness. This isn't gonna get better.

Glycerin: is a superior alcohol that will give a tasteful sensation of dulzor and a tactile sensation of untuosity, also called cremosity. Typical chardonnay, viognier. White fermented in oak or wooden passage.

Ethanol (caliity/ardor/caustity/whole): When wine is balanced and correct, it gives feeling of heat. Alcohol feels when it is not balanced or when there is an error in service temperature.

Carbonic gas (gulha/pungence): The sensation of carbonic gas pungence in sparkling is normal. The bubble can appear in quiet wines.

Aromatic sensations:

Aromas via retronasais. It may be equal or difiera to the direct route.

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