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Keratose pilaris: what is and how to solve it?

By Sol Garcia Hamilton

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Having granite in your arms, legs, thighs or cheeks is more common than you think. Are many people who have this skin disease called keratose pilaris, Also known as a chicken piel. It is produced due to an accumulation of keratin, a protein that forms the outer layer of the skin, in the hair follicles. This can obstruct and give way to characteristic lumps.Qué es la queratosis pilaris? Dermatólogos lo explican y recomiendan cómo tratarlaAlthough it is not harmful to health, piracy can be a source of aesthetic concern for those who suffer it and, in some cases, of discomfort. It is not possible to heal definitively or prevent, but with patience and care, it is possible to improve its appearance and texture. Below are some advice to take care of skin at home:

Soft exfoliation

Use mild enzymatic exfoliants to help eliminate excess dead skin cells and reduce follicle obstruction. Avoiding gloves or sponges, it is preferable to use the hand not to damage the skin.Exfoliar cuerpo fotos de stock, imágenes de Exfoliar cuerpo sin royalties | Depositphotos


Maintaining hydrated skin is the most important to reduce granite as dry skin aggravates disease. Apply rich humiliating lotions in ingredients such as urea, lactic acid or salicylic acid will smooth the skin and decrease the bulges. The ideal is to get out of the shower and to connect the cream when the skin is still wet.


Moderate solar exposure can provide vitamin D and other health benefits. However, people with pilaris keratosis should be cautious and protect their skin to prevent irritation, hyperpigmentation and possible long-term complications. Therefore, it is recommended to use sunscreen 50, especially in the affected areas.Cómo hacer un protector solar natural - recetas fáciles


Hot baths can eliminate the natural lipids and cause more dryness of the skin; very adjusted clothes because it causes occlusion in the follicles; stress or dehydration.Por qué un baño caliente diario reduce el riesgo de muerte por enfermedad cardiovascular?Finally, it is always advisable to consult with a professional. In addition, if the previous methods do not work, a dermatologist may prescribe more intensive treatments such as professional exfoliation or laser therapies.

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