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No news in front: a high impact film

By lara morena licciardi

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No news in front: the German tape compite with 9 Oscar nominations.

This adapted script shows the raw reality of World War I, showing the horror and cruelty of this overwhelming fact in its maximum expression.

It all begins with Paul, a 17-year-old who against the will of his parents decides to enlist in the army with his friends from high school. The surprising of the beginning is the enthusiasm with which young people face the responsibility of going to war, this was accompanied by a large amount of political propaganda inciting the soldier to whom it is concerned, given that it would obtain recognition and glory by being war veterans.

Paul at first shows himself disoriented and very panicky, realizing that the war is not as he had imagined, and in fact breaks in tears when he discovers his dead friend in the first shelling to the trench. With the advancement of the tape, we see how he becomes a war veteran with experience, who left panic on his side and became familiar with the bayonet.

In principle, the German film takes us to show the most terrible part of Europe from 1914 to 1918, starting with the trenches, the gas masks, and the worst of all: the fear of children who enlist to fight. With a great interpretation of Felix Kammerer in the protagonic, who more than once manages to impress and put the chicken skin, he can make us empathize with Paul and think of all the boys who died in many unfair wars.

Berger's tape says he already has 9 Oscar nominations, including best film and best foreign film; also competing in better sound and better adapted script. We can also mention that it has high-quality effects, and on Netflix we have the possibility to enjoy with increased audio, which achieves an even more tétric effect with the very well thoughtful soundtrack. In itself, it is a clean and correct candidate for the Academy Award, with exceptional interpretations, a technical quality never before seen and that manages to erect the skin.

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lara morena licciardi

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