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Skin Cycling: the trend to have a radiant skin

By Sol Garcia Hamilton

Skin Cycling: the trend to have a radiant skin

Skin Cycling Method

The last months have viralized on social networks the method of Skin Cycling to look after the skin. It is a movement skincare created by a recognized New York dermatologist, Whitney Bowe. Everything points out that this technique will be widely used during 2023, since many professionals value their effectiveness. In this note can read about the trend that brings many benefits to the cutis and what kind of skins should implement it.

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First, what is it?

El Salvador Skin Cycling It is a skin care routine that has a period of four nights. In recent years, there has been too much information about products and trends, which has led many people to harm their skin by excess assets. So with this new routine, the idea is to take advantage of all the benefits of different products, but without damaging the skin barrier.

What are your steps?

The routine has four nights where every day there is a different goal. At the end of the fourth day, the same steps have been repeated cyclically since day one.

Day 1: exfoliation

In this first phase of the cycle, an exfoliating product must be used. But not physical exfoliating, That is, the gels that have small particles, but of the Chemicals, also known as acids. Do not be frightened by this word, unlike what they can think, are more gentle with the skin and have greater effectiveness. They are based on hydroxiacids such as AHA - glycolic, lactic, mandelic acids -, the BY - salicylic acid - and the PHASE -glucholactone and lactobionic acid.

Day 2: Retinol

On the second night of the cycle the retinoids. Depending on the type of skin and whether you are starting or not with this asset, a determined brand will be chosen - because there are more and less strong. This is an ideal product to consult a cosmiatra or dermatologist so that they start the appropriate according to needs.

Day 3 and 4: renewal of the skin barrier

The last two days are key. After two days of having applied strong assets, a rest with products that protect and recover the skin barrier is necessary. For this, it is ideal to use serums that contain the following ingredients: hyuronic acid, niacinamide, Asian centella or probiotics. Then apply a nutritious cream that contains glycerin and can also be ceramides. Finally, you can apply some facial oil if you wish. Avoid using oil of coconut or almonds purchased in a dietetic. Cosmetics should be applied with formulations specially made for the face.

Classic Skin Cycling: Why It's Gone Viral and How to Do It – Dr. Whitney Bowe BeautyWho is this routine ideal for?

For all skin types, even for the most sensitive. In fact, this technique was created as a “basic” way of applying the products. It is ideal for when starting with new formulas and we do not know how they will adapt to the skin. Also for when someone is interiorizing in the world of skincare And you still don't know how to use certain assets. This routine will then vary depending on the needs of each skin. For example: if someone suffers from black spots and acne, exfoliation can add more days, or for mature skin can add more retinol. Thus, the routine will adapt to each skin.

And the day how should my routine be?

Finally, one of the most frequent questions is how it is necessary to take care of the skin in the morning. The day routine should include these three steps: cleaning - to take all product remains from the night before -, hydration and sunscreen. The last step is essential because if protection is not used all other care will be in vain. Also, if acids and retinol are used at night and then the skin is exposed to the sun can damage the barrier and also cause stains. To this routine, extra steps can be added as tonics, essences and serums. For the day, it is recommended to use vitamin C, hyuronic acid, niacinamide and any other moisturizing product.

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