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Are we addicted to work or do we?

By belen farina

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11 months of work and 1 vacation. .

It ended January and, with this, the holidays, the illusions we made for 11 months and that drive us to follow the hard work we have all year round.

How is it possible to work for 8 hours, 5 days a week, for 11 months, to have only 1 month vacation? It really seems the numbers don't give. But the truth is that we are used to doing very constantly and that only month we have to rest, actually makes us crazy because we have no responsibilities to assume.

We do not know how to get bored, we must always be in search of new experiences, activities that we can perform, everything to overcome us and overcome the inexorable step of time. But being on vacation implies getting away from it, enjoying the moment without having to meet deadlines, with labor commitments, with endless meetings that could be summarized in a mail, but knowing whenever that rest has a deadline that persecutes us.

And even though it generates a great anxiety to work again for all that it implies, it also gives us great anxiety to tranquility, because it depletes us not to do anything. And although sometimes we do not confess or deny it, we are hoping to return to work, refill our hours in a productive way. Because we love our profession, we are pleased to be valued by a third party and we are gratified to earn our own salary.

But, as everything in life, we must realize that there are times when we should put our 100% and moments in which we must turn off and rest, because fulfilling our obligations is important, but it is essential to take care of ourselves and our mental health. Therefore it is valuable that during our working hours we take small recreations to, for example, think about other things, take some air, eat and take something. The same happens when we go from our offices, it is important to mark our professional frame and respect our personal time, being with our families and doing activities we like.

Let us learn to enjoy every minute of the holidays, learn that doing nothing is also doing things for ourselves. Because at the time we started to enjoy the holidays in its entirety, our brain also did so and started to provoke the “hormones of happiness”, thus producing a decrease in our anxieties, enjoying completely and preparing for what remains of the year.

Enjoying what's left!

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belen farina

belen farina

Hi, my name is Bethlehem. I am a Bachelor of Psychopedagogy and a Bachelor of Psychology. Currently, I am working as a teacher and tutor at the secondary and university level, as well as attending patients.

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