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Speak Now

By Milagros Orcellet

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About 15 years ago, an intriguing segment called "Dj Toon" It interrupts several times a day the programming of "Cartoon Network". There are popular music videos of the time both national and hospitalizations . "Read my Mind" The killers "Learn to fly" by Foo Fightersand "Microdancing" of the Babasonists were just some of those who repeated.

Inside this underworld, there were two videos in particular that I was looking forward to appearing on the screen again. They weren't over the last three minutes, but their plot was so intense that they could have been whole films. I could never write the name of the songs or who was his interpretation. Today I know those two videos were "You belong with me" and "Mine."That was my first approach to Taylor Swift. Since then, with these videos as a reference, one could see the audience that was directed: girls and young people like herself.

Historically, the value of the female audience has been underestimated, despised, judged, and considered synonymous with superficiality despite being precisely this audience who discovered and gave life to the most successful projects from The Beatles to Sandro. Taylor Swift, on the contrary, opens his arms to this audience for so many years and writes his more than ten albums based on the female experience of moving to the most everyday situations.

"She wrote songs from the place she found. His music changed genre in the same way that makes him life, in the same way that being 16 is totally incomparable to being 18, 22, 25, 28." Expression Phoebe Bridgers

'Speak Now': A chapter within the complex narrative of Taylor Swift

In 2010 Taylor Swift releases her third studio album, "Speak Now". With the concept of “have an opportunity to say everything I wanted to say”, this is her first album written completely by herself. There you put yourself in a position of vulnerability by capturing with a great self-consciousness feelings and precise moments of your own history, showing ability to develop them in one, three, or if so wanted 10 songs.

These songs are composed of words that did not say when the moment was right before me. These songs are open lyrics. Each one is written with a specific person in mind, saying what he wanted to say in person. For the beautiful child whose heart broke in December. My first love that I never thought would be my first loss. My band. A bad man who used to be afraid. For someone who made my world very dark for a while. A girl who stole something from me. Someone forgives you for what you said in front of the whole world.
Being the disc that gives you international projection, "Speak Now" It is the last that transits attached to its roots "Country". While living the experiences that plasma "Red" ,fantasea with great spins, prizes and transcend as pop star. For the latter, contact super producer Max Martin, reaching a more mainstream market through singles I knew you were Trouble, "22" and "We are never ever getting back together". Thus, the girl that in "Mean" who dreamed to live in a big city a few years later will open their album 1989with "Welcome to New York".

[caption id="attachment_ 10783" align="aligncenter" width="562"]Taylor Swift / Speak Now Tour TAYLOR SWIFT / SPEAK NOW TOUR[/caption]

If it was released in 2010, why again?

It is common that, over the years, one tries to replicate the commercial success of a formula through various marketing strategies such as re-editions, collections, birthday spins and so many other formats that allow it to express it economically. However, the story of "Taylor's Version" is far from this practice.

In June 2019, the moreteres of their first six studio albums were acquired by Scooter Braun as part of their acquisition of Big Machine Records. Taylor stated he was trying to buy the aliens for years, but Big Machine had rejected his attempts. At the time of purchase, the Taylor Swfit catalogue constituted about 80% of the recorder's revenues second Variety.So in such a banal transaction Taylor had lost his right over more than 10 years of his own history. A man comprises his fears at 15, his dreams at 18, his experiences at 22, and his ideas at 27. As if the purchase was not enough, the interpretation of SUS songs in AMA 2019 was prevented and from using this material for his documentary "Miss Americana" in 2020.

From 'Speak Now' to 'Speak Now (Taylor's Version)'

But as an attempt of symbolic justice that for commercial purposes, in April 2021 Taylor launched "Fearless". With very little promotion, I'd probably expect your initiative to be followed only by a niche of devotees, but the reality was very different:

" TheFearless."original was in number 157 on the listBillboard 200 US before the impact of "Fearless (Taylor's Version)", after what the original recording fell 19 % in sales and fell from the list altogether, while the re-recording rose to number one." Announces unexpectedly the magazine Billboard
In this quest to regain control of his music, his legacy and his own history, each release is an event. Following "Fearless." In November 2021 released "Red (Taylor's Version)", rewriting of your album "Network."This decision not only changed its own destiny, if not the entire musical industry attracting to debate the terms of intellectual property. By making the decision to re-record, resignifies what could be the most tragic fact of your career in an opportunity. Now the top 10 are completed only with their name in a mix of new albums and re-records while reaching a younger audience that may not have lived the original releases .

His last rewrite, "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" It is summed up to his other two re-records and the other 4 records he took in parallel. The same contains the rewrites of the original 16 songs and 6 unpublished songs From the Vaultthat were not included in the 2010 version.

While we celebrate the launch of "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)", we wait in our country 9,10 and 11 November with "The Eras Tour".


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