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Training trends for 2023

By Alberto Serruya

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Like all our daily life the passage through pandemic has conditioned and modified various aspects of our lives, among this our way of performing physical activity.

After 3 years of COVID 19 the fitness trend would return to its roots in this 2023, placing among the main strength trainings with free weight, with own weight, circuits, facing a repliegue of homefitness.

Online fitness has definitely left top ranking posts in the way of physical activity, although its market presence remains above the irruption of Covid19, according to ACSM. (American College of Sports Medicine).Fitness centers seem to want to go back to basics this year, putting in the top ranking positions to free weight training, weight training, core training and circuit training.

In the list of trends that have remained relatively stable in recent years and beyond the crisis by Covid19, is HIIT training. This training methodology is maintained year after year.

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A trend that changed year after the ACSM rankings, even before the pandemic interruption. This trend took place in the first 10 in the ranking in 2018, the fourth place in 2019, the eighth in 2020, the ninth again in 2021 and the 11 position in 2022. It again wins positions and puts itself back in fourth place, giving account of the greatest importance that the fitness industry decided to give this niche market for next year.

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These are the top 20 global fitness trends for 2023, according to ACSM:
  1. Technology
  2. Strength training with free weight
  3. Training with the body itself
  4. Fitness programs for elderly Functional training
  5. Activities
  6. HIIT training
  7. Exercise for weight loss
  8. Employ certified professionals
  9. Personal training
  10. Core Training
  11. Circuit Training
  12. Homefitness
  13. Group training
  14. Exercise as a medical treatment
  15. Enhance healthy lifestyle
  16. Yoga
  17. Fitness professional regulation
  18. Personal training
  19. Fitness Apps
The first ránking post is functional training, followed by personal training in reduced groups, trends that in the world ranking close the Top-10.

The world of training opens us a range of possibilities, comfortable clothing bridge, chose something you like and never stop moving.

Don't forget to pass by a doctor before and make you a medical fit.

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