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The Fabelmans: a big screen life sheet

By Lara Morena Licciardi

The Fabelmans: a big screen life sheet

Steven Spielberg's last film, based on his life, is a faithful portrait of how our great passions can lead us to lose everything and, more than nothing of the importance of the family. This tape, indicated by the best film by the Academy, is according to the director, a tribute to his family. Although he has elements of fiction, he also seeks to tell his life story, where he also alludes to how his relationship begins with film and film direction. It also shows us the childhood of the acclaimed director, who invites us to introduce into the family dynamic, surrounded by laughs and drama.At first we can see a Joven Spielberg addressing for the first time to the cinema, encouraged by his parents, who explain the wonderful of the genre. The moment you see the movie The greatest spectacle of the world (1962) by Cecil B. De Mille, discovers the magician of the cinema, the explosion of the train, and feels desire to have one to recreate this action of the film; it is so shocked by the movement of the train and the special effects of the time, that decides to ask the parents a toy train to be able to recreate the scene. Once recreated the same, obsessed and wishes to recreate again: Sammy had discovered his passion. His mother, who was a stoned song, decided to support him in his new hobbie. On the other hand, his father never proved very convinced, he always tried to encourage him to dedicate himself to engineering as he did, but he tried to support him since he was excited. At any time, Sammy is deceived by devoting his life to cinema and does not make any case to his father's complaints, which tells him that he has to mature and that he must learn to differentiate the hobbie from a career to his future.The family life of the protagonist was always very amenable, with a united family who used to gather to sing around the piano that played his mother, his sisters were also very companions among them. They also had more family members who sometimes joined the family dynamics, as well as Bob, Sammy's best friend, who was also very close and united to everyone.As it grows, Sammy will develop his passion until he reaches the point that he was the only one who cared for him, and even what made sense to his life. With the death of his grandmother, his mother is very depressed by ende his father gives him the task of making a video about the last family trip they made, which he believed would encourage his mother. While Sammy is conducting the project, he finds that Bob and his mother have a parallel relationship to the hidden ones of the whole family, which depresses much the eldest son of the family, who puts himself against his mother what leads to his relationship, which had always been good and ideal, mude. Sammy decides to keep the secret for his mother, but over time guilt appears and feels a lot of pain.Sammy also experiences love with a young high school girl he watches, because they had to move because his father got a new job. She falls in love for the first time, a scene worthy to see; I highlight the acting of the actress and celebrate the idea of having included a mini love story for the protagonist, leaving for moments a little aside the central theme of the film, including moments of comedy that make us empathize with the character, make us reflect and also remember questions of our adolescence.There is a hidden message when Sammy's mother's uncle arrives, who has to share room with him for a few nights. “You will always love your family, you will always like to share with them. But your passion. What is shown in the film, what we can relate to the discovery of his mother's infidelity to his father. When they communicate their divorce to him and his sisters, as the girls go into crisis, we can see how Sammy approaches the mirror of the room and shoots with a camera the moment. Here we can see this: he feels that he carries with the guilt of his parents' divorce, because he editing the film about his vacation, discovers his mother's infidelity with his father's best friend. I find this very interesting and necessary for the film, because in addition to showing us certain core themes already mentioned above, it also lets us see the interior of the character, making us empathize with it and even feel a little sorry for it, wishing that something like that was not happening to him.After crossing the divorce of his parents and his senior year in high school, he begins studying a college career animated by his father, who does not convince him. He decides to send his resume to film producers, where he begins to enter this world and manages to start fulfilling his dream, with a fun metaphor and a film director committed to teaching something.Spielberg at the beginning gives us a brief message, informing that this is the film that most delighted generated him to realize and that tried to represent the story of his life in the most similar and detailed way possible. The film's production is flawless, if we compare the characterization of the characters with the aspect of Spielberg's family. Although the film's budget was not the highest of all E.T. director's productions, it is very well produced and characterized. The details are well calculated and worked by the entire team, from the music to the performances, which are spectacular.Highlight of this movie the love with which it was made, the details are well-kept, which makes it touching. It has many details, which makes it a long-lasting film, but it wouldn't take you a minute. It is a precious film that fills us with emotions and makes us think about the value of the family and how we commit to our passions. When leaving the cinema I felt an incredible fullness, I will not be very impartial: it is a beautiful movie that is worth seeing and that I highly recommend.

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