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By Alberto Serruya


Every time we start training we give a lot of importance to the muscle part. Most likely, we pay attention to them for aesthetic issues.

In this brief review, we will tell you the importance of exercising your muscles, besides seeing you more “beautiful”.

Muscle loss is as or more severe for health as excess body fat.

Although I cannot believe, it is related to decreased quality of life, greater physical fragility and health and loss of independence,

In this context, exercise is a fundamental tool for preserving and/or improving this essential organ for health. Keeping a healthy muscle through exercise and logically a great nutrition, decreases and prevents the risk of numerous pathologies that can go from insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, infarctions, hypertension, bowel cancer, breast cancer, alzheimer, parkinson, and other pathologies that we usually hear from family, and friends.

To make it clear, the muscle is a protective organ of our health and longevity. It's the source of youth. The loss of quality, i.e. muscle strength and the amount of muscle, is a picture known as sarcopenia and is related to the loss of functionality of our physical capabilities, mitochondrial functions and energy ende, mental and metabolic physical health.

I'm sure you don't want to lose strength to open a bottle, raise a bidet, load the bags from the supermarket, etc. but much less, you would like to lose the strength to peinarte, bite the food, clean and/or any domestic and personal make. So that this does not happen, remember that if we do not exercise to maintain strength, with the run of the years we will lose muscle mass.

The great current problem is that we have made a culture of delgaity, the frustrating and incessant search of the ideal weight, of eating less and more and more restrictive diets. In addition to this, we understand exercise as a luxury, a frivolity or a punishment and increasingly we eat, move less, lose more muscles, more health and more functionality. However, exercise is an indispensable effective, useful and economic tool to improve among other things our mental and cognitive health. Our state of mind, to treat and prevent anxiety, stress and depression, to improve our quality and our life expectancy, to avoid or slow down this fragility that usually increases over the years, improve our physical capabilities and our functionality.

INPEZA THE MOVER NOW, NUNCA ES TARDE AND ENTENDAMS that training all the manifestations of our strength, will always be an investment to our health and body.

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alberto serruya

Alberto Serruya

National Professor of Physical Education. Personal trainer. Sports Coordinator.

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