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By guadalupe camurati


This word may sound a little strong until it scares a little. The reality is that many people with vagina suffer this condition or can come to do it at some point in their lives. There is no need to be afraid, only to be conscious of the theme so that you can treat it.

By definition, vaginism is "the involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles that cause pain in sexual intercourse". It is quite simple to detect if one has vaginism. Basically, it costs you, hurts or becomes impossible to penetrate any type (pene, toy or even a buffer) and/or gynecologic studies. In raw, you don't get in or get in very little and it hurts a lot. It is not a disease, nor a biological problem, it is simply emotional. He may have had his whole life or appear after some point-to-point event, such as some trauma related to sexual or psychological abuse, a birth, a follow-up of vaginal fungi, among other things. The important thing after detecting it is to know that it has a solution.

We must understand that the bodies with female genitality are prepared for this. Primary vaginism is found, where it always had these symptoms and secondary vaginism, where you could normally be penetrated but after an event (or a set of events) can no longer. The solution for both cases is to resort to a pelvic soil specialist and have a sexology therapy that follows the process.

The treatment consists of hydration, dilatation and disability of the vaginal entrance. It's like going to the kinesiologist some sessions to comfort a certain area only this area is the vagina. They are used dilators, which are obtained in any sex shop as they not only sell sex toys, but also have elements for sexual health. They do not have the function of a penis or masturbation, they are a number of different size elements that are used to be introduced (graduately) into the vagina to dilate the zone. With lubricant or gel and - the pause method -, the first level is inserted until it reaches the last, in what one will progress in each session. There is also a “masser” that is a vibrator to unwind the vaginal walls with different vibration rhythms. It can also be added, plugs for the year, as all this area is connected and helps opening. There are other devices that the person who follows you and guides you in these sessions can introduce, to help exercise the PC Muscle with Kegel Exercises and to dilate the zone. In addition to this, the ideal would be for one to moisturise and massage in the vaginal entrance daily and accompany it with therapy.

It is essential to deal with this because it not only happens on a sexual issue, but also, medical. Not being able to carry out gynecologic studies due to this can affect your health.

Vaginism is not a really physical problem, there is a physical issue that generates that one cannot be penetrated or put a tampon but the origin is something emotional and psychological, where one is closed or emotionally blocked by ende if they hinder many sexual practices, medical or natural. We often do not know where it comes from, because we feel that we are born with it and that we have always and we do not know another feeling. Sometimes there were events of psychological abuse, comments or violence in our childhood that made us feel less deserving of love and trust, by ende, we are closed. There are many possible reasons why we can have vaginism, the important thing is to take care of the subject because it has a solution. You're not bad, neither are you less woman nor are you disabled. You just need to unlock certain thinking, seek help and accompaniment.

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guadalupe camurati

guadalupe camurati

Graphic designer, podcaster and content creator. In 2020 I made thesis on female pleasure and since then I created content on sexual education in networks. I recently started a podcast called "The G Point".


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