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Valeria del Sea: the new top locality of Pinamar

By stefania bargardi

Valeria del Sea: the new top locality of Pinamar

The tourist growth of Valeria do Mar in Pinamar has been a remarkable phenomenon in recent years. This small coastal town experienced a significant increase in the influx of visitors, becoming one of the most popular destinations in the region. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Argentina and stands out for its natural characteristics that distinguish it from other locations. Its main attraction is its extensive white sand beach and calm waters, which invites visitors to enjoy the sun and the sea. In addition, Valeria del Sea has a large amount of forests and green areas, which gives it a quiet and natural environment. By this natural preservation and its growth of paulatino, it is the locality that best suits the pace of time.

Unlike its neighbouring localities, it has neither the massivity nor the extenuating activity that characterize Pinamar and Cariló. With a much smaller transit and a better distributed density, without large buildings that discontinue in nature, but with a quality of life that include asphalted but secondary streets of sand, schools, community medical room and an extensive commercial center that includes materials for construction until indument and petit coffees. Qualities your inhabitants try to keep.

This location was also visited by prominent celebrities such as Borges, Indio Solari or Peter Capôsto, who find in their beautiful beaches an ideal refuge for rest and enjoyment. And it is that this town was able to grow harmoniously without erosion of nature and maintaining a family and quiet aesthetic.

In addition, Valeria del Mar is a coastal town that stands out for its rich history and its excellent cuisine. In this sense, it is important to highlight the figure of the fighter of Titans in the Ring “Il Commendatore” Benito During as a pioneer in the development of these tourist zones.

Benito During was a visionary who knew how to see the potential of these beaches and worked tirelessly to turn them into renowned tourist destinations. His dedication and effort were fundamental to the growth and development of Valeria do Mar. Today, he continues his restaurant located in Jorge and Avenida del Mar, in charge of his daughters Solange and Gabriela.

Of course, gastronomy is another fundamental aspect that characterizes Valeria do Mar. Its restaurants offer a wide variety of typical dishes, where they merge traditional flavors with gourmet maritime, Italian and Argentine cuisine.

This growth is due to several factors: First of all, Valeria del Sea has beautiful beaches and natural landscapes that attract tourists in search of rest and tranquility. In addition, tourist infrastructure has improved considerably, with the construction of new hotels, restaurants and services to meet the needs of visitors.

The tourist growth of Valeria do Mar is an opportunity for the economic and social development of the region. However, it is necessary to address the challenges that this growth entails to ensure a sustainable future for this beautiful coastal location, which conserves the characteristic tranquility of today.

Another highlight is the mobile dunes present in the area, which provide a unique and spectacular landscape. These dunes allow you to practice sports like sandboarding or simply enjoy hiking between them.

Valeria do Mar is surrounded by a protected nature reserve, where several species of indigenous flora and fauna can be observed, whose natural preservation is fundamental to maintain ecological balance.

In conclusion, the natural characteristics that highlight Valeria do Mar over the rest of the localities are its beautiful beach, its forests and green areas, its mobile dunes and its protected natural reserve. These elements make Valeria do Mar a unique place to enjoy natural beauty in all its splendor, combining exclusivity and tranquility, as new top destination in Pinamar.

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