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We are now deluded: Against Croatia, for a place at the end

By Francisco José Mantel

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So close and at the same time so far. Two parties separate Argentina from eternal glory. To win a World Championship. To fulfill sleep, to touch heaven with hands. Argentina will again play a semi-final of the world. The fifth in your story. It won all: 6-1 to the United States in 1930, 2-0 to Belgium in 1986, 4-3 per penalty – after 1-1 draw- to Italy in 1990 and 4-2 – also by penalty after 0-0- tie to the Netherlands in 2014. On Tuesday, 13 to 16 hours and against Croatia, it will be sought to reach another end of the world.

And Argentina will... He left on the way to Australia, selling it categorically from the game, but not since the result: 2-1 little exhibitionist for the writers, but very attractive and interesting for those who value the game creation, the search. A Messi 20añero and illuminated. A spider that bit and peaked. And San “Dibu”, appearing when we needed it most.

Netherlands. Digna of a separate paragraph. And it was, possibly, the most exciting party of the selection that was seen since that Brazil-Argentina in Italy 90. There are games that exceed 90 or 120 minutes and these are those that start playing before they start. “It does not play much with the rival when it has the possession of the balloon”, “If we have to get to the penalties, we are now in advantage”, were some of the phrases of the Dutch technician who warmed up the previous one.

Firewood for our captain Messi and music for the ears of “Dibu” Martínez. Argentina chose the path of silence and put in words its football during the game. An act of discipline little recognized by the football syringe, who decides to take a photo. The Scaloni team deserved to win in the 90 minutes, but did not have that fortune. A controversial, sixteen yellow arbitration and an alargue for the infarction made the penalties even more vibrant than those of 2014, which we also knew to win. Our archer again became a hero. The “Dibu” shortcut two possible penalties and gave the key to Lautaro Martínez, who dressed as Maxi Rodríguez, and ended the Netherlands. Painting on canvas is the photo of the “Toro”, on knees and lively, celebrating victory and the pass to the semifinals. A total homelessness. A team behind that runs to hug him. A country that weeps emotionally, because it believes again, because it deludes itself again. Because he wants to win the third and be world champion.

On the other side will be Croatia, which comes from eliminating neither more nor less than Tité Brazil, favorite in the roles with a tormented plant of stars. Finalist of the last World, Dalić's team continues to make history. With great figures such as Modrić, Kovačić, Perišić and Brozović, among others, the Croatians will look for the feat. Let's try and stop her. On Tuesday, it will be the rematch of that tragic 3-0 in Russia, for the second date of Group D, who condemned us to the miracle of Nigeria in a World for oblivion.

This World Cup does not know favorites or candidates. In the other key Morocco won Portugal and waits for France. An African team will fight to be at the end of a world for the first time in history. Fantastic for those who love surprise and hate logic. The 18 will be the final.

So close and at the same time so far. Another semifinal. Another party that will remain in the history of the selection and history of the Worlds. In your story, in ours. I'm one of those who believe there's a fate, one for what. That for something we went to the criminals against the Netherlands, and we did not make it comfortable in the 90s. That “Dibu” needed to send him from the 12 steps. That Lautaro had to convert that goal and deposit us again among the top four. And that Messi needed to go on giving the size to continue being the best player of this World, for the joy of many and the disgust of few others.

Argentina against all. Because if others speak before time are reflective, but if we respond we are enlarged and sober. Because if they determine and intimidate our players before a penalty is “part of football”, but if we return it with the same coin we lack respect for the sport.

40 million Argentines, 40,000 in Qatar and 11 in the countryside. All together. Mars 13 at 4:00, to get the final pass again. ARGENTINA!

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